Live and let live

I think the World will be a better place when we realise that everybody is important. I think the world will be a better place when we allow others to have their own space. " Live and let live", when we realise this, it will go a long way in solving most of the problems we are facing in our society today.

It is a great pity that some people wish their fellow human being will go into extinction. Some people wished and would have loved if they were the only human created so that they will enjoy everything under this earth, but definitely, it cannot be like that.

Live and let live is applicable in whatever you are doing, in your business area, don't be happy or be responsible for your neighbour's downfall. I know some people enjoy this scenario. Don't rejoice or be the reason why your coworker will be sacked because you will not gain anything from this, even if you gain, you will reap what you sow.

The World is large enough to accommodate everybody. The World has enough land space, and also bear in mind that " you can only answer your own name, you will be addressed with your own name, no matter how you try to subdue another person. "

When you kill your fellow human being in order to acquire his wealth or position, bear in mind that after all these, you will still answer your own name, and may also not be able to maintain the person's wealth or position.

If you are a leader, don't eat alone. Consider those you are ruling, don't use it as an opportunity to suppress your enemies. When you are saving what you will use after your leadership, make sure that those you are ruling are comfortable before making your extra savings. Don't use the fund that are meant for the public to satisfy your luxurious needs, if you do this, one day, you will account for it.

Every human being is important. Every human being is unique. Every human being was created for a purpose, therefore you should live and let live.

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Accommodate those whom you can accommodate, help those who you can help, show sympathy to those who need sympathy, console those who needs consolation, I think the World will be a better place.

What you hate, what you will not like others to do unto you, don't do it to another person.
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