Treat others how you want to be treated

No one will like to be hurt, no one will like to hurt himself. Then, why do we keep on hurting others? The earlier we understand how to treat people, the better for us. You know what you like, you also know what you detest. Stop doing to others those things which you know that you will not like if it is being done to you. I think the world will be a better place when we discover and learn how to treat people. 

Before you take an action on another person, consider how you will react if such an action is meant for you. Try to put yourself in the person's shoe.

Before you speak, weigh your words, will you be happy if such words are directed to you? How will you feel? If you can tell yourself the truth, you will know the right words to use.

Why thinking evil about another person, when you think good of yourself? If you know that you will not like such bad thoughts, then stop thinking it for another person.

It is a great pity that those who have high expectations of others, and treats them badly cannot be up to what they expect from them.
 I will give you an instance; You have a house help, who does everything possible to make sure that he or she serves you better. Your house help does things that you knows fully well that you cannot do, yet you aren't happy with him or her, you still maltreats her and do not properly take care of her. Try to put yourself in this your house help situation, if you or any of your kids are being treated this way, will you be happy? The moment you truthfully answer this question, you will learn to retrace your steps.

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The golden rule is also written in the Bible, in the book of Luke 6: 31, which says "Do to others as you will have them do to you" This is to let you know that God wants us to treat each other the way we want to be treated. The book of Romans 12:10, says" Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourself. " Don't discriminate. When you are treating people, do it with love and consider them as being created the way you were also created.

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