Win an argument

I know that most of us will like to emerge as the winner in any argument that we are involved in. Honestly, it is not that  easy. It requires a having a great knowledge and also using the right approach. But if we are observant, we will discover that there are some people who always win in most argument that they are involved in, even when it looks like  their own side of the argument is dry or lack basis. This is not a magic, just because they have mastered the right approach.

If you want to win in an argument, I will suggest you try the following strategies ;

Argue on a subject or topic that you are conversant with: Don't expect to win when arguing in a field that is unknown to you or a topic that you are not conversant with. When you argue in a subject that is well known to you, you will have more authority  and knowledge to communicate your points and opinions effectively.

Argue with people with understanding: I see it as a waste of time and energy when you are arguing with people who does not understand you or the topic you are arguing on. Arguing with such people may lead to no one winning the argument at the end or they may expect you to agree on their own side.

Back it up with facts and examples: Always back your argument up with facts, examples and instances, this will make it to look more real than fictional.

Be bold when arguing: Don't speak with fear, your boldness in argument will make it appear more real thereby giving you more opportunity towards winning the argument.

Communicate your points clearly: Always make points and elaborate them very well. Making enough point will give you an edge over your counterparts.

Don't shift your stand: Whatever side you want to take in an argument, do not let anyone convince you to shift your stand when you know that you are on the right track.

Tame your voice when arguing: It is not a matter of noise making or raising your voice too high, as this may make your counterparts not to get your points. Try to communicate your points in a gentle and calm manner.

When you know that you have won, try to end the argument:
In as much as possible, when you discover that you are winning in that argument, try to let it come to an end, as going further may make you loose your stand.

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