Overcoming the fear of public speaking

Most of us are intelligent, we know the right words, but when it comes to addressing the public, it becomes a difficult task. The fear of public speaking is known as glossophobia. Public speaking may
appear easy, but not as easy as many people think especially when you are required to do so.

I have attended a seminar where a high profiled person was called upon to deliver his speech, it took him several minutes before he could say something as a result of fear. Sometimes, the person may end up not delivering his speech. Also, during our school days, you will notice that some students who were intelligent might not be the best presenters.  

What causes fear of public speaking?


Some people come from areas where a particular group of people are only allowed to speak or address the public. So such people when called upon to address the public may not do it well.

Stage freight

When someone is not used to crowd, the sight of so many people puts fear in the person. When called upon, the person may display some of these characteristics; shivering, missing of words, irregular eye contact, etc.

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Not being prepared

At times,you can also observe that people who can do well in public speaking can exhibit some of these characters at one time or the other. This can be as a result of being taken unawares or not prepared for the topics they are supposed to deliver, thus, they may be afraid of making mistakes.

How to overcome fear of public speaking

For you to conquer the fear of  public speaking, here are some skills that you should know;

Start with a small crowd

If you are always afraid of large crowd, you can start practicing with a small number of people, this will help you when addressing a larger crowd.

Be prepared

When you have either a presentation or people to address, prepare your speech or what you will deliver ahead of time and "digest it very well".

Arrive the venue on time

When you have a public to address, arrive at the venue on time, as being called upon immediately you enter the venue may put fear in the you.

Have a positive mindset

If you have performed badly in the past, promise yourself that this time around, you are going to do better. Don't let the fear of your past performance affect you

Maintain an eye contact

Don't shy away from the crowd, rather focus your eyes on the crowd, so that each time you make an eye contact, you will not be afraid.

Be ready for questions

 Expect questions and be ready to answer them when necessary. Answering questions from your audience will give you more confidence.

Arouse the mind of your audience

 This will make them to be more interested in what you are saying and also give you courage.

Be bold with your speech

Don't talk with fear, even if you make a mistake, do not be carried away, rather, correct yourself and continue with what you were saying.

Read motivational and inspirational books

Always read motivational books as you will gain more courage from it.

Attend seminars and lectures

 Try and be attending lectures, you will learn and discover more on how to do better.

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