Have you ever wondered why some people are succeeding where others are failing?

The reasons are not far fetched from our attitudes towards things. These are as follows: 

Improper planning: Before you carry out any action or activity, it is very important you plan it very well because failure to plan is a plan to fail. Conduct a good research on whatever you want to do,in choosing a career, in setting up a business so that it will not result to failure. Always check the pro's and Con's of your goals and dreams.

Procrastination: If you have any good plan in mind,don't waste time putting it into action because that idea may work out but will not tomorrow. Procrastination kills dreams and leaves one with unachievable goals. It is one of the major setbacks, so you need to get up today and try that idea.

Lack of commitment :You need to devote quality time in whatever you do if you truly want to succeed .Not being committed to whatever you are doing will definitely lead to failure. For instance if you are are studying, and you don't devote time to your studies, the result is always failure. Likewise business and every other thing you do.

Impatience :"Rome was not built in a day ".For you to succeed, you must be patient and put in your best effort and give it time to start yielding enough profit. Some people you see today making it have really worked and devoted time before reaping.

Undue comparison: Stop comparing yourself to others because you don't know how and what it took them to get to where the are. Don't under rate yourself especially when you see people succeeding while you are not. Rather see it as a challenge to improve on your goals and be determined to achieve them.

Fear of failure. The fear of losing or failure is a major setback for some people. To be frank,the problem is not to fail but your ability to get up and try again. There is a saying that, "If at first you didn't succeed, try, try, try again". And also " the downfall of a man is not the end of his life ".Definitely if you keep on trying, one day you will succeed. 


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