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Thinking of You Love Quotes -
The best way to make that special person in your life to feel important is to let him or her know that you still care and love him/her. Thinking of you quotes will act as a great reminder to such a person. It is not easy to have someone who have touched your life in a way that you can't forget, when you have such a person, don't let him/her feel unwanted or unloved. Let the person know how important he/she is to your world, how the thought of him/her has colonized every part of you. 

Thinking of you quotes and messages is specially written for you when you are in search of such special words to communicate your feelings and affection to that person whom your heart truly welcomes. It is written in such a way that you can send it as a message, through phone calls, write it on their social media posts and also write it on cards.

Thinking of You Love Quotes

1. Thinking of you is an indispensable part of me which I can't stop doing because it gives me strength and relieves me of the stress of the day.

2. I hope you understand how much I love you, I hope you understand how much I value and cherish you, I hope you understand how you have eaten deep inside of me. I hope you understand that I can't stop thinking of you.

3. Thinking of you takes me to a paradise filled with all the good things that I need in this life. I not only think about you, but I also imagine how interesting life with you by my side forever will be.

4. I have so many things that I think about you; how lucky I am to have such a wonderful person like you in my life and the unspeakable joy that you have brought in my life.

5. In you I have found a friend, a lover and a soulmate. You are the best companion that I have and that I can ever ask for. I can't stop thinking of you.

6. Thinking of you is a habit that I wish not to stop, the more I think about you, the more I find reasons not to stop thinking about you. You are so special in my world and I will love you till eternity.

7. We have come a long way, you have helped me to fight and win many battles, you have always provided a shoulder for me to lean on. I love thinking of you.

8. When I think about you, I feel a great wave of love all around me, I see myself residing in the paradise of love. I fall in love with you over and over again.

9. I can't stop thinking of you because you are among those that have impacted positively in my life, you are among the people that I wish to be seeing every moment of the day. You are so special to me and that's why I can't take my mind off you.

10. I love the way that you love me, I love the love that we share together, I love everything about you and I love the fact that we have been permanently glued together.

Thinking of You Quotes

11. Thinking of you gives me great peace of mind, it gives me a great feeling of love that I can't explain. I know love, peace and happiness just because you are a part of my life.

12. Everything on this earth can change, but my love for you will never die nor fade, even when my bones grow weary and weak, I will still love you with my last breath. You are the Angel of my life and the only one who is always in my heart. I am addicted to thinking of you.

13. I chose to be with you, I always like to be where you are, I always like to think about you. You are my missing rib and I am glad that I found you.

14. I think about you even when you are out of my sight, that is to let you know that you may be out of my sight but you can never be out of my mind.

15. I have many unspoken words in my mind about you, words alone cannot explain what how much I love you. What I feel about you is great and I hope you enter my heart and understand this.

16. I have more than one thousand words to describe you, each of them seems to be more special than the other. I have more than a thousand reasons why I can't stop thinking of you, each of the reasons seems to be more important than the other.

17. You can forget everything, but one thing that you can't forget is that person who is special to you, You can't stop thinking of such person.

18. It just feels like a gentle breeze that cools my nerves, it's a sleep that I don't wish to wake up from soon, it's a experience that I wish to be experiencing forever. I am irresistibly in love with you that's why I can't stop thinking about you.

19. I can number most of the things that has happened in my life but one thing that I can't number is the number of times that I think about you.

Thinking of You Love Messages

20. I want you to be in my dream forever, I want you to be in my thought forever and most importantly, I want you to be in my life forever.

21. I started thinking of you right from the day that I set my eyes on you, you are always in my mind both in the morning, afternoon and night.

22. Don't ever think that I am crazy if I tell you that all I think and see is you, this is to let you know that you are more than a friend to me.

23. I have pasted your pictures around my room and under my pillow, but the most important place that I have your picture is in my heart because I believe that it will never spoil nor be stolen there.

24. If you can take a tour to into my heart, you will realize that you have taken a special in there, I was born to love you and I can't stop thinking of you.

25. I don't need to think twice because I truly believe that you have accepted me wholeheartedly in your life, I'm not afraid of letting the thought of you to eat deep inside me because I truly believe that I am safe in your arms.

26. You have done unimaginable things in my life, you have made me to see and feel love, you have made me to think about you in such a way that I have not thought about another person before.

27. I am highly obsessed with the thought of you, don't be afraid of it because what I always think about you is how special you are to me and how lucky I am to have you as a part of my life.

28. If I write your name on a platter of gold, it may get lost or be stolen, if I write your name on a paper, it may tear or get burnt. The only best place to write your name is in my heart because it will be safe in there.

29. I think about you even when I'm with you.

30. When I realized that we have something in common was when I discovered that I can't go a day without thinking of you.

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