I can't wait to see you messages and Quotes for him or her

I can't wait to see you messages and quotes is written for you to send across to that person whom you are truly missing in your life. Let him or her know how important he or she is to your life and what his or her absence is doing to you. No matter how you misses someone, know that it is not possible for the person to dive into your heart and know exactly how you are feeling without you expressing it. It is important to express your feelings to someone that you love and it happens that the person is no longer close to you because it will make the person feel highly valued or cherished and even go further towards making it possible for both of you to see again. Who are you missing? Is it your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband? Then, these messages and quotes is all you need to send across to him or her.

I Can't Wait to See You Messages and Quotes for Him or Her

1. Ever since you told me that you were coming, I have been checking my clock every now and then, I just wish that I can turn the hands of the clock to move faster so that I can have you by my side as soon as possible, I need you by my side and I can't lie about it. I can't wait to be with you forever.

2. All my mind is now where you are,  I am highly anticipating to see you. I have missed you a lot and I am no longer comfortable about it. Please make yourself available for me to see you I am really tensed because of you.

3. I am sick but I want to let you know that you are the only one that can cure me of this sickness otherwise it will remain incurable. You may wonder how you may be of help, but it is simple, please make it possible for me to see you so that I can get better.

4. I have been dreaming about you all night. You just left me in the wonderland. Your thought have been giving me sleepless night. I wish you could understand how exactly I feel about you, I desire to be with you each and every passing moment.

5. I really enjoy your company anytime that we are together. In short, you are the greatest companion that I have ever had. It is no longer possible for me to live without you. You are an indispensable part of me and I am really missing you.

6. You have broken my heart but I guess you may not understand how you did it. If this is a joke, please it is too expensive for me to deal with. How do you think that it is possible for me to exist without you? It is not possible my darling. I can't wait to see you.

I Can't wait to see you messages and Quotes for him or her

7. The night keeps getting darker without you in sight, I have called your line, all to no avail. Where are you? When are you coming? I want to know because I am losing it all and I hope to see you today, I am really desperate to see you.

8. We have been covalently bonded together. Your absence for so long is really tormenting my life. I have tried to endure it but at this point it seems that I can't any longer. You are with my heart wherever you are now, please come back and make it whole.

9. If you know what you exactly mean in my life, then, you should never try leaving me to stay alone for this long. I am alone in my world since you left. Please come back and be that my companion that you have always been.

10. Your absence is really hurting me,you have created a vacuum in me that only you can fill. My happiness greatly depends on you and I am looking forward to having you around me in such a way that I will not miss you again.

11. It is not possible for me to find another person that will love me the way that you do. You are my world best friend and that's why I don't want you to be far away from me for so long. I am really tired of this long distance that is existing between us. I can't wait any longer to see you.

12. Just like the fishes in the ocean needs water to survive, so do I need you around me in order to be healthy. You are my replicate. I want you to be by my side forever and I can't lie about it.

13. Don't tell me that I am not going to see you this weekend. I am really longing to see your handsome/beautiful face again. I love you so much because you have changed my life for better.

14. Whatever I am doing since you left, I have not been able to concentrate on it again. It is not easy to realize that the person whom your heart truly welcomes is far away from you. It seems like a nightmare that I am going to stay for months without you. I want to have you around me as soon as possible.

15. I am really tired and at times I get confused why you choose to live me wondering when you will be back. Could it be possible that you are happy over there without me? Personally, I am fed up of not seeing you for this long, I want you to be with me forever.

16. A world without you around me looks like I am a sheep wandering without a shepherd. You may not understand exactly what your absence is really doing in my life. But I wish you can enter my heart and see how messed up that place is.

17. Even the insects around me could can feel the level of my unhappiness. I am now deeply immersed in my thought with no one to communicate my fears and worries to. Don't keep me in this unhappy state for so long, I beg you please.

I can't wait to see you messages and Quotes for him or her

18. I am speechless, that is how exactly I am feeling now. Who else will love and understand me the way that you do? Is not easy for me walking around without you in sight.

19. You were the Angel in human form that I always thank God for bringing you across my way. You treated me just the way that I always like to be treated. You accepted me wholly in your life and that is why it is no longer possible for me to live without you.

20. Everything around me can testify how I am greatly missing you. My world has been lonely since you left. Please come around and continue making my World lively and enjoyable.

21. Who would love to stay a second without a beautiful soul like you? You don't know what you mean to me because if you know you would have made it possible for us to set our eyes on each other again, I am longing to see you my dear.

22. I can't forget all that you have done for me. You brought me out from light to darkness. I love you so much and I can't wait to be with you forever.

23. Everything around me can change, but my love for you will never a change. I have found a permanent place in you where my heart will dwell forever. You are my forever love.

24. If I forget about you, whom else will I think of? You are the only one that I think about every passing day. I have been colonized by your love and I am so happy about it.

25. I will give you all that you desire to be happy just to keep you permanently close to my heart. Please tell me what I need to do so as to have you as my forever love. I wish to be with you and miss you no more.

I Can't Wait to See You Poems

When the birds of the air whisper,
I pay abrupt attention to hear what it's all about,
How I wish they can tell me that you are coming,
Oh, no, they are talking about their own matter.

It's just like a voice is talking to me,
Telling me that you are on your way to see me,
Then, I jumped out of my bed to see you,
I then realized that it's just an imagination.

What again can I use to comfort myself?
Too many unanswered questions in my mind,
It's just like I'm carrying a load,
You are the only one that can set me free.

I am now a walking shadow of myself,
All around me have noticed it too,
Your absence is a great hit to me, 
Don't think I'm joking when I am telling you this.

I still remembered all the time we spent together,
They are the best I have had since I was born,
I am greatly missing you my Darling, 
I can't wait to see you.

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