Can you stop loving someone if you truly loved them?

Can you ever stop loving someone? - No matter how tight the bond between you and someone is, there are at times when issues may arise which if not properly handled may make the bond to get loose. Love itself is a feeling of affection for someone and it is this feeling that bond  two people together. There are a lot of things which can make this love to fade, things such as unruly behaviour, incessant quarrels or disagreements, feeling of rejection and so many other things. When you truly love someone, you can stop loving the person but it takes time and require some processes. What depends how quick it will be for you to stop loving that person is the reason why you want to stop loving that person. I can tell you that a lot of partners who were truly in love but were meant to go their separate ways due to one reason or the other will let you know that there is a part of them that still misses their partners. 

You can easily let go of someone out of your life, but you can't easily let go of that person out of your mind. It is easier to say that "it is over" or "I don't want you in my life", but the feelings and emotions are not easily erased. I have seen some people who after calling off their relationship with their partners ends up "wetting their pillows with tears", if it is easy like that, then such a thing will not happen.

Can you ever stop loving someone if you truly loved them?

Yes, You can stop loving someone even if you truly loved them. One thing that will facilitate this process like I said earlier is the reason why you want to stop loving that person. If that person really hurted you in a way that you can't bear, then, it is easier for the love and feelings that you have for such a person to vanish in thin air, but if it is just for a minor offence, and you feel that you can't take it anymore, then, it will take longer for your mind to be completely off that person because each and every passing minute, you will be considering if you will start loving such a person again.

How to stop loving someone

If you have made up your mind to stop loving someone, here are some tips that will help you towards doing so;

1. Start seeing the person just like any other person that you talk to or interact with

First of all, you have to start seeing this person as being just like any other person whom you do not have any special feeling for. That special name that you call such a person which heightens your feeling of love or affection for him/her, you should stop calling and address him or her by his/her name or any other casual name.

2. Let that person know that things are no longer the way that it used to be

This is important because there is no need keeping that person in a state of suspense. He/she may be pushing harder towards getting closer to you, and you not being interested will be disturbed by such movements. Tell the person the final goodbye let him/her know your stand. 

3. Stop blaming yourself, move forward

Accept the fact that you can't be in love with this person again, analyse the reasons why you have taken such a decision. At times, you may need to grieve over it and let go of the feelings permanently in your heart, Accept that you have taken this decision for good and stop blaming yourself.

4. Talk to someone about the way that you feel

As it is said that "a problem shared is a problem solved." At times, when your heart is heavy, talking to someone will make you feel okay. One or two tips you may get from that person may be what will help you to push through during this period. Let the person know exactly what you are passing through and also how you feel about it.

5. Find another person that will do what the person usually do for you

You can't deny that there is something special that this person usually do for you, and when you are no longer in love with this person, there is a vacum created in your life that needs to be filled. Filling this vacum in your life will make you to stop loving this person and forget him/her easily. Don't be too fast to find such a replacement, take time and analyse while you need another person in your life and be careful in your choice so that you will not be hurted again.

6. Avoid being in close contact with that person

Sometimes, the feelings that you have for someone whom you once loved can be reinvigorated when you are in close contact with such person. If you think that seeing such a person in social media can reinvigorate this feeling, you can go ahead and block that person. Avoid those places where you normally meet the person and gradually slow down your communication rate with this person.

Note that when you stop loving someone whom you truly loved, it does not neccessarily mean that the person will become your enemy, but it means that the feelings that got you attracted to such a person has faded, it means that the zeal that pushes you to always be with that person, talk to that person, care, provide for that person will no longer be strong.

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