Signs He Dosen't Love You Enough

Signs he dosen't love you enough - You don't have to waste your time being in a relationship with someone who dosen't have much love for you, the earlier you discorver this, the better for you. "Kathrina (not real name) was in a relationship with a guy whom she thought was deeply in love with her but it later turned out to be the opposite. According to her, what really pained her most was the fact that she thought that the guy has plans of spending the rest of his life with her. After wasting 5 good years in this relationship, to her greatest suprise, she logged on to her Facebook account one day, only to discorver that her supposed "guy" has proposed to another lady and shared their pictures on social media. She took a bold step to inquire from her ex-boyfriend while he didn't ask her to move on on time but the guy made her to understand that right from the onset of their relationship, that he was not deeply in love with her but only want to have her around. This really left Kathrina speechless and heartbroken and really took her a long time to recorver from this dissapointment."  

To save yourself from this type of shock and stress, you need to be vigilante in your relationship and watch out for some red flags, better walk out diligently when you observe most of these signs so as to avoid such an ugly situation.

Signs He Dosen't Love You Enough

1. He dosen't share his future plans and ambitions with you

He may be always hanging around with you, take you to outings, nightclubs and other social gatherings. He may equally spoil you with gifts, discuss unimportant issues with you but never care to let you know his future plans and ambitions. The truth is that no man who genuinely loves his woman will not be ready to let her know what he plans for the future or his immediate plans for a better tommorrow most especially if he really wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman. But to clear this doubt, you can go ahead and ask him what his future plans look like, that will give you further clarification on this.

2. He is not interested in your self-development

You spends quality time with him even at the expense of your work or education, yet, he dosen't care to advice you on the various ways that you can be a better person in whatever you are doing. Don't be fooled, a man who truly loves you will go extra miles to know what your future plans look like and also go ahead in helping you in anyway that he can in achieving most of them. He will be ready to assist you both financially and verbally. It will always be his joy seeing you attaining greater heights. If the reverse is the case in your relationship, you need to tell yoursef the truth and go to where you are wanted and not where you are tolerated.

3. He easily compares you with other girls

You may have your shortcomings, but a true friend will always help you to ammend and will never judge you based on them. When he easily underrates you, and dosen't waste a second in comparing you to other girls, know that you are just one of his options and not his choice. To be frank with you, being in a relationship that you are not highly valued will make you develop a low self esteem which will be detrimental to your general well being and development. You deserve to be treated right, therefore, look for that man that will not only make you love yourself, but also help you realize your worth.

Signs He Dosen't Love You Enough

4. Making you happy is not his priority

I can tell you that a lot of girls are in a relationship where they are both physically, emotionally and verbally abused but they still stick to such guys thinking that all will be well. But let me let you know that no man will be happy seeing the woman whom he truly loves in pains and in a state of unhappiness most especially when they are a reason for it. He will try as much as possible to bring you back to the right mood. Are you still hanging around him hoping that he will change? Make a u-turn before you become a sadist.

5. He dosen't care introducing you to his family members

You may say, "But he introduces me to his friends." Believe it, he has not truly welcomed you in his life if he hasn't introduced you to any of his family members, chances are that he is introducing you to his friends who knows the game that he is playing, and also they may be birds of the same feather. If he is truly proud of you, he will never waste time in introducing you most importantly to his Dad, Mum, Brother or Sister. This will be a clear indication that he is willing to take the relationship to another level. But if he has not done so, but continues to show you support in other areas, give him a little time before you conclude.

6. He is not interested in meeting your own family members

No man who is really in love with you will not only care to know your origin but also eager to meet your family members. It is not your duty to suggest it to him, but allow it to come from the bottom of his heart, and when he is interested to do this, allow him to not only say it but accomplish it. It is a great warning sign if he is not interested in this.

7. He dosen't care much about your outward appearance nor compliments you

For this kind of man, what you wear, does not matter to him and therefore, you can dress anyhow you like. Most times, he likes when you are dress indecently. Whether you are gaining weight or losing weight, it's not his concern. When a man loves you enough, he will go extra miles to suggest for you what you will wear that will really look good on you, suggest you go to gym when he is not comfortable with your weight gain. When you appear in your best, he should also be able to compliment you. I know some men have this as their weak point, but you should also watch out for this in addition to other signs.

Signs He Dosen't Love You Enough

8. He dosen't respect you

Respecting you dosen't matter so much to him. He speaks to you rudely, nags and always ready to shun you at every slightest provocation. He can leave you waiting for long just to have a talk with another person without an excuse.

9. He is not interested to know whether you have another boyfriend or not

Men are naturally jealous just like women most especially when they have found someone whom their heart truly welcomes. They are not interested in any competition but rather likes to be the only person in the queue. If he is not interested in knowing whether you have another man or not, he is not deeply in love with you but just want to have you around him.

10. Issues concerning marriage is an off-point in your discussion

If your expectation is that both of you will spend the rest of your life together as husband and wife, yet, he hasn't mentioned anything about settling down with you, know that you are only his "side chick" and not his "main chick". I believe that most ladies looks forward to settling down with the man whom their heart welcomes, but when this topic sounds absurd to him, stop pouring water in an open basket by still sticking with such man most especially when you have been together for long.

Discorvering that he dosen't love you enough will be a great remedy to the future heartbreak that you may experience. Don't be a dummy, rather, be wise and act wisely and be ready to leave before you are asked or prompted to leave. 

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