How to tell someone how much they mean to you in text

How to tell someone how much they mean to you in text -There is no need for you to hide your feelings when you truly loves someone. There are special words that will help you tell that person how much you loves or cherishes him or her. They are simple but means a lot.  Showing appreciation to someone will make the person truly understand that he or she is really important  to you.  Words works like magic towards winning the heart of the person that you love.

The only way for someone to be sure of whether he or she is valuable to your life is when you express it. Hiding it in your heart is of no benefit to you. Telling someone how much you love him or her with words will bring the both of you more closer and make your relationship everlasting. You can send it to that person either as a text message, phone calls or letter.

How to tell someone how much they mean to you in text

1. You are my dream come true

No one whom you are in a relationship with and also whom you truly loves will not be happy to hear that he/she is exactly your choice and the fulfillment of your heart desire. It will clear every iota of doubt that the person has regarding whether you love him/her or not. This word will live forever in his or her heart and bring the both of you more closer to each other.

2. I can climb the highest mountain just because of you

This words means a lot. It means that you are willing to do the "impossible" things for the sake of the person that you love. It shows that you are ready to do anything just to have that person by your side forever. When you are in love, you say a lot things that may look crazy but they are not really crazy but an expression of the way that you feel.

3. I will never get tired of loving you

This words means that you have entrusted your heart to that person, you are ready to love him or her at all times. It means that your love for that person will never die but will continue to wax stronger from ages to ages. I will never get tired of loving you is not just mere words, but it shows a high level of commitment. Saying this to someone means that your heart actually welcomes him/her in your life.

4. Nothing can come in between us

I love these words so much because it really gives the person whom you are in a relationship with a great peace of mind realizing that you are ready to handle every situation that may come to seperate you or cause confusion among the both of you well. Nothing can come in between us shows your willingness to love and accept that person no matter the situation.

5. You mean the world to mean

Almost everyone will be happy hearing that you truly values and cherishes them. You are letting that person know that he/she is not just a friend , but someone who is of great importance to you. Someone whom you can never take for granted. It will make the person feel comfortable around you and also hold you in a high esteem.

6. You made the world a better place for me to live in

This means that you truly appreciates the person for providing a conducive environment that you are enjoying. Truly, there are some people that will enter your life and give you an everlasting joy and happiness. They will make you not only live in love but also to forget your pains and sorrows. Remembering them makes you sleep peacefully and you always anticipates to see them each and every passing day. This is exactly what this words means.

7. My love for you is limitless

Saying this to someone someone will make them realize that your love for them have no boundary. It extends to every area of his or her life. As long as he/she is concerned. you will love everything about him/her. 

8. Without you, my life would be incomplete

When you truly loves someone, you will never like to lose that person in your life. If you have ever had a breakup with someone that you truly loves, you will understand what I am saying better. You will feel empty and it will look like a part of you was cut off. When you say this to someone, it means that they are really important in your life.

9. My love for you will always stand the taste of time

This shows your readiness and willigness to be with that person in thin and in thick. There are trying times in a relationship, but only those that are built on true love survives it. This words are great indicators that you have wholly welcomed and accepted that person in your life.

10. Thanks for accepting me in your life

There is a great need for you to acknowledge the person who have made it possible for you to be in love and also the reason why you are always happy. Not everyone is as lucky as you are because a lot of people have been rejected by the person whom they love. Say these words of someone that you love as often as you can. 

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