Tuesday Blessings and Prayers

Tuesday Blessings -  There is a great power in the words we speak over our life and to other people's life, therefore, we need to pronounce good things for ourselves and others at every given day of the week. Tuesday is the day after Monday, work and other activities continues on this day, we need to pray that all may go well with us and our loved ones throughout this day. We also need to ask God to come and protect, guide and be with us throughout this day, that's why we have written these Tuesday morning prayers, wishes, messages and quotes for you to make use of. 

Happy Good Morning Tuesday Prayers

1. Today shall bring forth to you the fulfillment of all your heart desires, you soul shall be awakened and be filled with joy. The loving kindness of the Most High shall be with you throughout today. A blessed Tuesday you shall experience.

2. The weather will be bright and fair because of you today, the glittering and shiny rays of the Sun shall brighten all your ways today. The Lord will be good to you in all that you do today, no pain or sorrow shall get close to you, travel on because your safety is guaranteed.

3. Monday has gone with little or no memories left behind, but Tuesday shall bring to you a sweet and everlasting memory. All your expectations for today shall be met. Have a fun-filled Tuesday.

4. You don't have to fear neither the cloud nor winter's chilling breeze, all your larbour for today shall never be in vain. Your time of reaping has come and your harvest shall be bountiful. You shall continue to rejoice all the days of your life.

5. You don't have anything to be fearful of about today. The Lord will keep you away from every form of harm, he will guide you and always provide a resting place for you. Your spirit shall always glow with an everlasting light of his kindness and love. You are a kindhearted person and you will always get all that your heart desire.

6. Today, the Lord will make the darkness light for you, what is wrong, he will make it right for you, all your battles, he will fight for you, there is nothing that will hurt nor bring you down. The Lord will continue to spread his wings to protect you. Enjoy your Tuesday Dear.

Tuesday Blessings and Prayers

7. You have been so dear to me since I came in contact with you, my prayer for you today is that you will experience the everlasting love of God, he will direct and lead you in all your ways, he will direct and lead you in all your ways, he will make all the crooked ways that you shall tread on today straight, you shall walk in high places nothing shall ever pull you down.

8. You know how much I care about you, even on this day, I am wishing you the best the best. The grace of the Lord will be sufficient for you, when you are in need, he will provide for you, when your heart wants to grow faint, he will strengthen you. You will continue to lean on his everlasting arms of love and will continue to be safe forever.

9. You don't have anything to worry about today because the Lord will make all the heavy load that you are carrying light for you. He will surrender you with his Angels so that they will lift you up when you are weak. You will continue to dwell in safety.

Tuesday Blessing Messages

10. On this Tuesday, you shall be a conqueror, you shall be successful and emerge victorious in all your endeavours. The blessings of today shall never pass you by. Songs of praise and thanksgiving shall fill your mouth and your heart from morning till night. Embark happily on all your activities today because you have already won the trophy.

11. The great majestic Ocean of God's eternal love will set you free from every captive, your heart shall never be clouded but rather will keep on glowing with the eternal mercies and goodness of the Lord. Have a blessed Tuesday.

12. All your expectations for today shall come out with a positive result, your banner shall be lifted high wherever you go, your happiness and joy shall continue to overflow and in rejoicing and praise shall you be all the days of your life.

13. The Lord will continue to be your strength and your shield, he shall continue to free your soul from all form of bondage. In time of need, he shall continue to be so dear to you, when you whisper for help, he shall come near to help and set you free.

14. The Lord shall continue to be a source of strength for you in time of weariness, he will be a light for you when the shadows fall, even if all your friends deserts you, he will never leave nor forsake you. He will be your all in all.

15. I want to let you know that there are many unseen blessings that the Lord will release to you on this Tuesday. He will prove to you the wonderous works of his hands,. All your golden dreams shall come to realization as He is going to take charge of all that concerns you. You have every reason to be grateful and happy today because you are already victorious.

16. The Lord, that friend who loves you will always be ever near you to defend, guide and protect you. In times of trouble, He will keep you in His perfect peace. He will always speak words of comfort to you. All the day long, blessed shall you be.'

17. Your heart shall be filled and thrilled with the goodness and mercies of the Lord. He will make the desert a garden for you where fragrant flowers grow. He will grant you a sweet and complete rest that shall never depart from you on this Tuesday and beyond.

Tuesday Blessings and Prayers

18. The Lord shall free you from all the fears that have possessed you. He shall heal you from all your bruises. He will always lead you to those places where you will meet those who truly loves you.

19. You shall continue to rejoice night and day, all that your soul have been craving for long, shall come to reality, all that you have hoped for, you shall surely get. Worrying shall be a thing of the past in your life because your cup shall overflow with His blessings. Enjoy your Tuesday Dear.

Blessed Tuesday Quotes

20. You shall be celebrated in all that you do, you shall be honoured all the days of your life. You shall always wear a crown of victory in all that you do. Goodnews shall never be found wanting in your life. Have  a prosperous Tuesday.

21. Nothing shall ever steal your joy, nothing shall quench your light and nothing shall also stop you from shining. You will be a partaker of the bounteous blessings that the good Lord have in store for His people. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

22. There is nothing that will hinder your blessings for today. Every path that you shall tread on today, shall be blessed. Any area of your life that needs elevation, shall be elevated. Your days shall be as bright as the morning star.

23. Nothing shall ever quench your light and nothing shall also steal your joy. The Lord will continue to renew His goodness and mercies in your life and you shall not only be blessed, but also will be a source of blessing to those around you.

Tuesday Blessings and Prayers

24. The grace of the Lord shall be sufficient for you, the love of God will always be with you. The Lord shall lift you up and make straight paths for you, His goodness shall manifest in all areas of your life.

25. I love you and that's why I am wishing you the best that today can offer, just the way that the rays of the sun has brightened up everywhere, so shall all your paths be brightened. Enjoy your Tuesday.

26. There will be showers of blessings on you on this Tuesday. You shall firmly stand on the words of the promises of God. Even the mightiest wind shall not blow you off on your road to success. A sweet and blessed day shall you have.

27. Every locked door that you need to enter today shall be unlocked for your sake, every door that you knock, shall be opened for your sake. A new and blessed chapter which no one can close shall be opened for you today. Have a blissful Tuesday.

28. Today, you shall be a conqueror, you shall be successful and prosperous in all that you do. All your efforts today shall be crowned with huge success. Match out boldly because victory is already yours.

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