Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady/Girl - Wishing to send an amazing birthday wish to a beautiful girl? No other way to do that than to chose the right words that best describes her. Make your woman/lady feel special on her birthday by sending her cute messages. It could be your girlfriend, wife, sister or friend, show her love with these happy birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady

1. I am happy to celebrate a lady of great subsatance today, you are so elegant and also beautiful. Your new age will unlock so many good oppourtunities for you. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman.

2. Happy birthday to a stylish Queen. A woman who is beautiful both in and out. I am so lucky to have come across a charming personality like you. May all your heart desires come to fulfillment as you add another year today.

3. Your beauty will never fade with ages, the older you get, the more beautiful you will still be. Happy Birthady to a beautiful lady. Have a fun-filled birthday celebration.

4. I have always addressed you as a gorgeous Queen, this is because you are outstanding and unique. May your remaining years continue to be as beautiful as you are. Happy birthday to a beautiful girl.

5. I have many reasons to celebrate you today, you are that woman who have always chosen to be different through the way that you carry yourself. Age with abundant grace.

6. As you add another year today, my wish for you is that you will continue to be that ever-shining and ever-smiling woman that you are. Happy birthday to a woman with great beauty.

7. Nothing can ever stop you from shining, you will keep on glowing and your beauty will continue to radiate all over you. Cheers to your new age and enjoy your birthday celebration. Happy birthday to you.

8. It is a great privilege knowing you, it is also a great privilege being your friend. Happy birthday to a beauty to behold.

9. Happiness and joy shall never depart from your life as you add another year today. You deserve the best, therefore, I am wishing you the best of birthday celebration. Happy birthday to a beautiful soul.

10. My smart and elegant lady, you don't have a duplicate. Happy birthday to you and all that I am wishing you today is the best that life can offer.

11. Happy birthday to an epitome of beauty, you will continue to conquer and experience great victory in all areas of your life. Age gracefully.

12. Just like the rose flower that never fade with ages, so shall you continue to shine and flourish. May the addition of a new age bring to you all that you desire. Happy birthday to you.

13.Happy birthday to a lady with great beauty and brain, you may not know  this, but I greatly admire you because of all the great qualities that you posses. May you continue to have a reason to be happy. Enjoy your new age.

14. I am well convinced that you are aging backwards this is because you are still irresistibly beautiful. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

15. You will continue to shine as bright as the morning star, you will continue to stand out from the crowd because of your charming appearance. May your birthday celebration be as charming as you are.

16. Today marks the day that a beautiful Queen was born, for me, you were crowned a Queen right from your mother's womb. I will not only celebrate you today but always. Happy birthday beautiful.

17. I was not suprise that you were born today, just the bright and calm weather is a clear indication that a beauty Queen was ushered into planet earth on a day like this. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

18. You are indeed a special creature, you are specially and uniquely made. Your beauty will never fade with ages. Happy birthday to you.

19. May you continue to fulfill your purpose on earth, you will continue to attain greater heights and nothing shall ever stop you from winning and shining. Happy birthday to you.

20. You are already the most beautiful woman in the whole world even without you going for a contest. Happy birthday to a woman fully loaded with great beauty.

21. You are one in a million, you are lady with class. Happy birthday to a classy lady.

22. As long as being beautiful is concerned, you don't have a rival. Happy birthday to a woman who is unquestionably beautiful.

23. May the joy and happiness that you will experience today continue to live with you. Be happy because it is your day. Happy birthday to you.

24. I have no doubt in me that you will display your best dance step today. I will be around to enjoy your day with you. Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend.

25. On this occassion of your birthday celebration, your light will never quench nor be dimmed. Your new age is already blessed. 

26. Don't let anyone make you unhappy today because it is your day, dance and vibe to the rhythm of the music, ask the D.J to give you your best track because you own the day. Happy birthday to a a woman with great smiles.

27. You deserve a cake coated with real silver and gold, you deserve the best gift for your birthday celebration. You will continue to celebrate more happy years ahead. Happy birthday to you.

28. Happy birthday beauty, may you keep on enjoying. I am wishing you more fruitful and happy years ahead. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

29. Just know that you are loved, just know that you are special, just know that you are unique. Happy birthday to a Queen.

30. May the grace and goodness of the Lord never be found wanting in your life. May he continue to guide and protect you in all your ways. Happy birthday to a beautiful woman. 

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