Birthday Letter to a Friend

 A good friend is rare to come by, if you are lucky to get one, treat him or her in a special and an amazing way. It won't take you anything to wish happy birthday to that your best friend who has been by your side at all times. Use these birthday letter to a friend to let you bestie know how much you love and appreciate him or her and also ask God to continue to bless your friend for you. Send it across to him or her as a text message, in her social media post or timeline or even as birthday gift card.

Birthday Letter to a Friend

1. You are my incomparable friend

Dear Bestie,

It pleases me greatly to celebrate this day with you. Today is a remarkable and special day because it marks the day that a special and unique being made his/her royal entry into planet earth. I, being a lucky person was oppourtuned to have you as a friend. You may not know what you mean to me and my world, but I want to let you know that your presence in my life brought me an inestimable joy and happiness. Thanks for being that friend who can go extra miles just to make sure that someone around you is happy. I am glad that I met you and I am so glad that you accepted me wholeheartedly as your friend. As you celebrate your birthday today, I want to let you know that you are special to me and will forever remain special to me. May all your dreams and aspirations come true as you celebrate your birthady today. Happy birthday my Friend.

2. Happy Birthday to a friend turned Sister/Brother

My World's Best Friend,

Birthday comes once in a year but I will always celebrate you for being that friend who have actually shown me what true love really means. You loves me with all your whole heart and without reservation. You never judged me based on my shortcomings but alawys help me in becoming a better person. I see you not only as my friend but also as my sister/brother. You are so generous, sympathetic and kindhearted that always made me to refer to you as a unique personality. What more can I ever ask in a friend that you don't have? I will never take your love for me for granted and I alos want to use this oppourtunity to remind you that our friendship is a forever thing. As you mark the addition of another year today, all your secret prayers the good Lord will surely answer. Have a wonderful birthday celebration my one in a million friend.

3. You will attain greater heights and nothing will stop you from shining

My Bae,

As you celebrate your birthday today, new doors and oppourtunities will be available for you. All that you have been searching for in the past years, God will surely provide for you from now and always. You will be successful in all your endeavours and henceforth, all that you lay your hands on shall be prosperous. For being a kind and generous person, therefore, at your own time of need, you will definetly meet those that will offer you a helping hand. Never relent, keep on soaring higher, the sky will be your starting point. Happiness and joy will never depart from your life. Enjoy your day my Good Friend.

4. Have a fun-filled Birthday celebration

My Dearest Friend,

Don't let anyone make you unhappy today. Enjoy your day to the fullest, dance and vibe to the rhythm of the music. Shout and make some noise because it your day. Be in charge of your happiness and joy because and shun anything that may try to steal your joy today. I am sending a great wind of love and kisses to you today and I am sure you are ready to receive it. Drink your favourite wine but don't get drunk so that you will enjoy your day till the end. In all, I am wishing you a fun-filled birthday celebration. Enjoy your new age my Dear Friend.

5. I may be far away to celebrate with you, but you are still in my heart

My Lovely Friend,

Out of sight is not out of mind. I may not be physically present to celebrate your birthday party with you, but I want to assure you that my heart is where you are. It pains me so much knowing that I will not be around to cheer you up on your day, but I want to promise you that I will host your next birthday party for you. You are my most highly cherished and loved friend and that you will forever be. Distance can never prevent me from wishing you the best in all that you do and also from sending to you the best birthday gift that I can give you. You will always be close to my heart no matter where I am. Happy birthday and enjoy your day to the fullest.

6. You deserve the best birthday gift, therefore, take it from me

My Wonderful Friend,

I have been thinking about what will be the best birthday gift that I can offer you today, I thought of preparing a cake for you, then I remember that it will get finished without remaining. I thought of giving you a special wine, I realized that it will also finish. I wanted to give you a bunch of flowers, but no, flowers will fade or get destroyed, I thought of giving you a birthday card and I also realized that it may tear or get rumpled. Then, I now conclude that the best gift that you deserve is an everlasting gift that will not finish, be destroyed, fade or die and that's why I am offering you my true love without reservation. I have offered you my whole heart and I know that you will take great care of it. I am promising you that you are safe in my arms, I will never break your heart or take the love that you have for me for granted. Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

7. You look handsome/beautiful on your new age

My Dear,

To be frank with you, you are aging backwards. The older you gets, the more handsome/beautiful you appear. Your beauty radiates all over you and shines as bright as the morning sun. I am so lucky to have a charming Prince/Princess like you as my friend. Everything about you is superb. You were specially created. Your face looks so charming and captivating, your laughter is heart melting, your smile sweeps me off my feet. You are beautiful/handsome all round. As you mark the addition of another year today, I want to let you know that your beauty will never fade, you will continue to glow and shine forever. Enjoy your day my beautiful/handsome friend.

8. I am happy to celebrate with you today


When I wake up this morning and realized that it is your birthday, I was filled with so much joy and happiness. You are an exceptional being who entered my life and made me complete. I don't know how to exactly express my feelings to show you how happy I am with you today. Being in friendship with you gives me great peace of mind, makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. You gave me the amswers to so many queations that have been bothering me. You gave me so much love that I can't imagine which keeps me wondering who I am that makes me to merit such a great treatment from you. On this day of your birthday celebration, I want to let you know that I love you and I will never let you down. Thanks for bringing so much love across my way, thanks for being the reason for my happiness and joy. Enjoy your day My Bestie.

9. My Best Friend is +1 today

My Dear,

You are the best friend that I have in the whole world. I have travelled East, West, North and South, I have come in contact with a lot of people, but when I met you, I was highly convinced that you will be a great friend that I will never regret having. You are such an outstanding personality. You don't follow the crowd, but always stand out positively from the crowd. You touched my life in a positive way and made me realize that good people still exists. You never relented in offering me a helping hand. In short, you are God sent to my world. May all your ways be smooth and may you always be succesful in whatsoever that you do. Have the best of birthday celebration my Best Friend.

10. Our friendship will last forever

My One and Only Friend,

If I am to make a request from you today being your birthday, it is to ask you not to ever leave my world. Personally, I am highly confident that our friendship will be a forever thing. You are that friend whom I can never live nor exist without. You have chained my heart with your undying love and you are now an indispensable part of me. I hope that you also feel the same way that I feel about you. You are irrepleceable in my life and no one else can make me feel the way that you do. I celebrate you today and wish you long life, peace and prosperity. Happy Birthday my forever friend. 

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