Happy Birthday Paragraph For Him or Her

We have written great happy birthday paragraph for him or her for you to use and send across to the love of your life. It is good to celebrate those whom your heart truly loves and welcomes. Birthday paragraphs brings us closer to our friends and loved ones by reminding them that they are still special in our lives. It could be your boyfriend, girlfriend, bestfriend, husband or wife, the right birthday wishes and messages is all that you need to use and reinvigorate the love that is existing between the both of you. Birthdays comes once in a year, therefore, take it an oppourtunity to express your undying love and also pray for good things to happen to your lover. They are written in such a way that you can copy and paste, send it to him or her as an SMS or text message, as a gift card, through phones calls in the case of long distance or even communicate it to him or her face to face.

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Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Him
Happy Birthday Paragraph for Her

 Happy Birthday Paragraph for Him

1. Happy birthday to my King and Hero. You are my Prince Charming, so brave and courageous. I am so happy to celebrate your day with you because you are that my wonderful soulmate who have proved to me that true love still exists. I love you for all that you have done for me, I love you for whom you are and what you mean to me. Enjoy your day my Bae.

2. No wonder you have been growing lomg beards recently. I greatly admire the man that you are becoming. I am super proud of you because the more you grow older, the more handsome and charming you look. I am still that your Bestie who is ready to be with you forever. I celebrate you today and always. Happy Birthday celebration my Heartbeat.

3. You deserve a great accolade not only for today, but everyday. You are a smart, intelligent and a calculative person. Enjoy your day and don't let anyone steal your joy as you celebrate your birthday today. All I am wishing for you is open doors and more wins. Happy belated birthday the love of my life.

4. Today is a special day for my handsome friend, I know you like cake, please remember to remain for your visitors, I know you like wine, please drink responsibly, I know you like Candies, remain for me bacause I like it too. The good news is that I will be at your birthday party to monitor you. Please don't be shy, enjoy your birthday to the fullest. Happy Birthday to you.

5. Happy celebration to my one and only love, may the addition of another year to your age reinvigorate the love that we have for each other and bring us more closer to one another. Nothing can come in between us again. Enjoy your day my love.

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Him or Her

6. Guess what? I have a suprise gift for you, that thing that you always feel, but cannot touch, that thing that gives you that peace of mind that you always desire. I am blowing a great breeze of love and kisses across your way today just to remind you how special you are to me.  Have a love filled celebration today.

7. Today should be declared a "public holiday" because of your sake. You are such a wonderful and unique person. All I am wishing you as you mark the addition of another year today is everlasting joy and happiness. I celebrate you today my best friend. Happy birthady celebration to you.

8. Birthadys comes once in a year, as for me, you deserve to be celebrated everyday of the year. Your addition of another year will bring to you the fufillment of your heart desires. All your secret prayers have already been answered. Have a lovely celebration my love.

9. Today is your day therefore sing, shout and make some noise. Break all the chairs and tables unapologetically beacause it is your day. I will come to see all your hidden dance steps and also teach you more. Enjoy your day my Irreplaceable.

10. I came across a lot of flowers when I was trying to get the best birthday gift for you. Among the flowers that I saw, the one that caught my attention was Rose flower, therefore I chosed it because it stands out unique and beautiful and it's beauty does not fade. Take this gift from me because your love for me never fades but increases day by day. I love you so much because of this. Happy Birthaday my forever love.

11. Since I have been with you, your birthday date is one thing that I can never forget. This is because you are that friend who have made a great positive impact in my life. I will be there despite my tight schedule to celebrate this special day with you. Happy birthady to you.

12. Nothing shall steal your joy today, you will continue to shine as bright as the morning star. Your new age will bring to you ceasless outporing of blessings. God will alawys guide and protect you in all ways. You are that wonderful friend whom I will never trade with gold. Enjoy your day My King.

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Him or Her

 13. When I realized that today is your birthday, I experienced a great joy within me because I have been waiting for the right time to tell you exactly how I feel about you, and I want to let you know that, "You are simply amazing and that's why I will never let go of you" Have a joyous celebration My Baby.

14. You are not only my bestfriend, but you are just like a brother to me. You loves me in a such a way that no one else has done. You always provide a shoulder for me to lean on. I value and cherish you for all that you have done just to make sure that I am comfortable and happy. You will live to celebrate more happy and fruitful years.

15. I have prepared a special birthday cake for you, and what I wrote in it is "I wish you long life, peace and prosperity." You have been a wonderful companion to me that is why I will always celebrate you. Cheers to you as you mark the addition of another year today.

16. You are so kind, loving and compassionate. You know how to love and show love to all that comes across your way. I am very lucky to be a partaker of your charming love which you have used to transform my life for better. Have a great celebration today.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Her

1. Happy birthday to my first lady. The only woman that completes my joy. You have won a special place in my heart because of your great personality. I will never fail to show you my unending love because you deserve the best. Enjoy your day my Sweetest.

2. A wonderful celebration to my Queen with a captivating eye that charms my heart, a smile that melts my heart, a laughter that sweeps me off my feet. My woman with a beauty that I can't resist. Have a great celebration the love of my life.

3. If you are a flower, then, you are a Rose, you are as sweet as honey. Your beauty radiates all over you both in and out and it never fades. I am so lucky to have you as my girlfriend/wife. Have a fun-filled birthday my one and only love.

4. Happy celebration to the woman who truly understands me. A woman who has taken it as a duty never to break nor hurt my heart. You are the answer to my prayer and I want to let you know that I will keep on celebrating you everyday as long as I live.

5. Even the birds of the air are happy to celebrate you today, they have been whispering songs of joy since morning, the weather is also ready to celebrate you today because it has been calm and conducive. Who am I then not to celebrate a special person like you? Have the greatest birthday of celebration today.

Happy Birthday Paragraph For Him or Her

6. Your joy today will be undiluted, your smile today will be everlasting, your laughter today will be unquenchable. All will go well with you as you celebrate your day today. I am still that person who will always hold you in high esteem. Enjoy your day my Bestie.

7. Happy celebration to a strong woman. A giant who is ready to work until she achieves her goal. I am happy to be with you and I am also happy that you taught me how to work relentlessly. I am super proud of all that you have achieved and all that you have made me to achieve. I celebrate you today a workaholic.

8. If you don't how to laugh, please go and learn it because I am going to make you laugh to the point that you can't stop laughing again. I will make you smile to the point that you can't stop smiling. Happy bornday to that person whom I can't stop loving.

9. As you add another year today, I want to let you know that you are not getting older, but younger and stronger. Your birthday celebration will bring to you the actualization of your dreams and heart desires. Cheers to you on your new age.

10. I am very happy to celebrate you today. All I am wishing for you is that God will continue to bless you with good health, sickness will continue to be far away from you and you will continue to experience a healthy and enjoyable life. Enjoy your day my love.

11. Happy celebration to a great friend and mentor. I thank you so much for never getting tired of teaching and instructing me. You have been a good role model to me. Have a lovely celebration my love.

12. You are the best lover and friend that I have in the whole world. A wonderful person with a heart of gold. Keep being you and I wish you the best of birthday celebration.

13. Happy celebration to my world most beautiful woman. I will always love and cherish you. Thanks so much for filling my world with so much love. I love you so much my world.

14. I feel safe in your arms that is why I have entrusted my whole heart to you because I know that it is safe. Thanks for never betraying the love and trust that I have in you. Enjoy your day the love of my life.

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