Charming text messages for her in the Morning

Charming text messages for her are specially written for you to use and usher the love of your life into a blissful new day. It dosen't matter whether she is around you or far away from you, use these sweet words to remind her of the undying love that you have for her and also pray for good things to happen to her on this new day.

 Charming text messages for her in the morning is a good reminder to let your girlfriend or wife know that you still loves and cherishes her. It is good for you to send these texts messages for her in the morning because it will be in her heart throughout the day, it will keep her strong and also in a joyful mood. Realizing that she is perfectly loved by you is a great way to keep her glued to you forever. Form it as a habit to always send good morning messages to her.

Charming Text Messages for her in the Morning

1. The whispering of the birds of the air reminds me of your sweet voice, the rays from the morning sunlight is a true picture of how much your love brightens my way, the gentle breeze that blew on me is exactly how your love calms my troubled heart. Good morning to the love of my life.

2. I want to be around you, I want to see your beautiful face as soon as possible. I have missed you for so long. I want to be with you in such a way that I will miss you no more. I want you to realize how exactly I feel about you. Have a sweet Morning.

3. I hope your night was as sweet as you are. I hope you had a sweet dream and above all, I hope you dreamt about me. My sleep was so enjoyable because I dreamt about you and me having quality moments. Have a fun filled day my love.

4. I woke up several times in the night thinking of how my life would have been without you, realizing that I have you as a part of me is an indispensable part of the peace of mind that I m experiencing. You have given me a great love story that I will always live to tell. Have a wonderful Morning.

5. I hope your morning would be charming just the way that your love have charmed my heart. You deserve the best of the day, therefore I am blowing a wind full of my kisses across your way today. Hope you will receive it. Have the best of the day. Good morning to you my sweetheart.

6. Each and every passing day, my love for you will continue to increase, I always anticipate seeing the morning because I can't wait any longer to behold your beautiful face. My heart has been encapsulated by your love and that is why I will always live to love you. Sweet morning to you my love.

7. I have placed a beautiful picture of you under my pillow, when it seems that my night is becoming so boring, I bring it out and the sight of it always gives me hope and feels me with great joy, I don't want to be seeing only your picture every night but I wish to be seeing your face everytime in the night. Good morning my heartbeat.

8. For me, you are just an angel in human form, everything about you is great and that's why I am irresistibly in love with you. You are the reason for my joy and happiness this morning because I believe that I am perfectly loved by you.

9. Good morning to the one who won my heart entirely, my prayer for you this morning is that God will be by your side throughout today so that you will be able to achieve all that you wish to achieve today. I love you so much my love.

10. Dear Sweetest, the joy of this morning light will continue to abide with you throughout today, nature will always smile at you in whatesoever that you lay your hands on today. Lovely morning to you.

11. I am pleased that you passed through the sleep and darkness into a joyous day, my love for you will continue to be as bright as the morning light. Our love will continue to stay strong and conquer all. Good morning to you.

12. My love, you will be highly favoured this day and every passing day, my love will follow you everywhere that you will be today. I wish you a calm and peaceful day. Good morning to the love of my life.

13. It is just because of you that the cheerful sun makes haste to rise, its aim is to usher you into a blissful day. I am so happy to be a part of your life. I want to let you know that my love for you is limitless.

14. You have always been the source of my strength, just a glimpse at your charming and beautiful face always gives me the strength to fulfill all my appointed duties for the day. I love seeing you and I love seeing your beautiful face.

15. I am so happy that you woke up this morning in good and strong health. Praise to God who have never failed in showing you his undying love. You will run all your course today in good and strong health. Have a blessed morning.

16. The joyful gleams of the morning shall always live in your heart, you are my Darling Princess, that is why I am wishing you the best of the day.

17. I am so happy to have a great lover and companion like you in my life, now that the daylight has filled the sky, your heart shall continue to overflow with great joy and happiness. In all that you do, know that there is a heart who loves you and who has vowed never to stop loving you. Good morning to the Angel of my life.

18. Words alone may not be able to describe how I feel each time that I think about you when I wake up in the morning, in the shadows of the night, the light that I see is you and I am highly pleased that your light gradually clears the darkness across my way and ushers me into a new day. I am so lucky to have you as the love of my life. Have a day as sweet as you are.

19. Today will be the happiest of all your days, good lucks will fall on you, you shall be highly favoured anywhere that you step your feet. When this new day is over, you shall have a blessed and fun-filled night. Good morning to you.

20. Do you know why I love hearing your sweet voice early in the morning? It is because it clears my doubt of all the uncertanities of the day, it refreshes my mind and keeps my heart strong all through the day. I can't love you less. Good morning to you.

21. Good morning to my incomparable lover, I just want to remind you that your love gives me the strength to climb the highest of all the mountains, it keeps me flying non-stop. I will always do all that it will take to have you by my side forever.

22. Though, I may be physically lying down on my bed, but my whole heart is where you are. I want to be with you forever. I want to be where you are forever. I want to sleep in you arms and wake up in your arms. Goodmorning my sweetest.

23. Leaving your presence makes me feel sad most especially when I know that it will take me a whole day to behold your beautiful face. I hope you understand how exactly I feel about you. I hope you realize that I have been greatly addicted to your love. Good morning to you.

24. Hope you know that you are already blessed in all your ways today? Hope you know that everything will work in your favour today? Hope you know that I am madly in love with you and that I will love you till eternity?

25. Any time that I dream about you, I always see the both of us holding each other closely and professing our undying love for each other. I strongly believe that this is not only a dream but a true picture of how we are going to spend the rest of our lives. Enjoy your morning the woman of my dream.

26. You are a good and kind person that is why I won't bother much to ask you how your night was because I know that good and kind people like you always gets the best in all. Have the best of this new day. Good morning to you.

27. You will continue to have both the best of the night and the morning. You will have all that your heart desire. Pains and sorrows shall always be far from you. Good morning to you.

28. The love that I have for you is stronger than you could ever imagine, it is mightier than the mightiest wind. It will continue to stand firm and strong forever. Good morning to the one that completes my joy.

29. It is day since I have not set my eyes on you, but it seems like it has been ages to me. I need you each and every passing hour, how I missed you is a clear indication of that. Sweet morning to you.

30. If you heard the melody of the birds of the morning, know that it was me that sent them to give you the sweetest melody that they have, if you felt the gentle breeze this morning, know that it is from the blow of my kisses to you. Good morning my Queen. 

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