Amazing Quotes for wife

 Quotes for Wife - The special way to show your wife how much you love or appreciates her is by using sweet love words which can be in the form of a message, wishes or quotes. Here, you will find the suitable words for her.

Amazing Quotes for Wife

1. I love and appreciates my wife because she is the one that knows all about me, takes good care of me and my belongings and still feels that she still have more to do for me.

2. I am proud of my wife not only because she is beautiful but also because she has great brains.

3. My love for my wife will continue to be unshakable because she has never given me a reason to regret while I choosed her as my life partner.

4. I love my wife not only with my heart but also with my soul, this is because if my heart stops beating, my soul will continue to love her.

5. You don't need to be told that you married a good wife, all that she does will give you a clear picture of whom she is. I am so proud of my wife.

6. I can't remember any moment that she intentionally choose to make me sad. Making me feel happy is her greatest priority. I will always try my best to make you happy as long as I am living.

7. She is of inestimable value to me, I love and cherish her more than anything else in this life, I have a wife whom I can't trade with silver or gold.

8. The first day that I set my eyes on her, my whole heart welcomed her, since then, my love for her has never stopped growing. I have a wife whom I will never stop loving.

9. She keeps our home in order, she never judges me with my weaknesses, she helps me to rise when I fall, what more can I ask for in a wife that she dosen't posses?

10. Everything about her is special and unique, I strongly believe that she is specially and uniquely created for me, I don't only have a wife, but I also have a soulmate.

11. Just a stare at my face, she immediately reads my mood, she has the key and mirrow to my heart. She knows very well how to bring me back to the right mood. I have a wife who understands me more than I understands myself.

12. I am so proud of the type of wife that I found in you, you are the exact type of woman that I prayed to have as my wife. Thanks so much for fulfilling my dreams and I am so grateful to God for bringing you across my way.

13. Just a glance at her pretty face makes my day great, a warm kiss from her keeps me going throughout the day, I will continue to be in love with you throughout my existence.

14. We have been together for several years but each and every passing day looks more great than the other day. I can't get enough of you and I love the love that I found in you.

15. You are my pain killer, the way that you soothes my pain is something that leaves me speechless. Thanks for loving and taking care of me the way that you do, I will always take good care of you, the love of my life.

16. You are just an indispensable part of me, you perfectly fitted in to my life without much stress. You are my missing rib and the woman that I will always live to love.

17. You are the love that I know, you are the peace I know, you are the reason for my joy and happiness. I wake up every morning to thank God for the type of wife that he blessed me with.

18. She stood by me in my times of trials and challenges, she always tries so hard to make me feel as if nothing is happening, she made my burdens to become lighter for me and made life worth living for me.

19. I may not be perfect, but she said that I am the right husband for her, I always feel ontop of the world realizing that my little efforts are greatly appreciated by her, I don't only love my wife but I feel so happy having her as mine.

20. She is highly productive, industrious and energetic. She goes extra miles to make sure that everyone around her is happy. You are not only my wife, but you are also my world.

21. I don't know how to repay you for all that you have done for me, but I am highly convinced that you are already blessed beyond measure. In all, I promise to always give you my undying love and care.

22. You are the fresh air that I breathe in, you are the gentle breeze that calms my nerves, you are the light that leads me across my way, you are the love that I know and the love that I see.

23. She makes me wants to do more, I am ready to go extra miles just to put smile on her face, she may not exactly know the way that I feel about her but I am ready to always prove to her that she made the right decision by accepting me to be her husband.

24. How we have been able to amicably resolve every issue that arises in our union mkaes me to love you more, I am blessed to have a peace maker like you in my life as my wife.

25. There is no doubt that you have doubled the number of years that I would have lived on this earth with all that you do, your love is the greatest medicine that I knoe because it healed me of every trace of sorrows and pains that initially reside in me.

26. I like the way that you treat me, I like the way that you take care of our kids, I like the way that you handles every issue concerning our marriage.

27. You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world as long as I am concerned, your charming smile and heartwarming laughter is among the things about you that makes my day great.

28. I didn't pray for just a wife, but I prayed for a lifetime partner. In you I found a wife and in you I also found a life time partner.

29. You are my strength when I am weak, you gives me joy when I am sad. I am ready to spend eternity with you.

30. Starting from the day that you became my wife, I conquered in so many areas that I failed initially, you have always been my support and backbone. Your words of advice and encouragement I will always cherish. I love everything about you my Darling wife.

31. You are a rare specie, you are so precious that is why I will always love and cherish you. I will always treat you the best way that youn want to be treated.

32. We will grow old together and we will continue to live in love. You are my wife, my best friend, my gist mate, my help mate and every other thing that I can ever ask for in a woman. You are a complete package for me.

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