Prayer for Traveling mercies for friends and loved ones

 Prayer for traveling mercies - When anyone that is close to you wants to embark on a journey, if you truly loves and cares for that person, don't waste time in commiting his or journey into the hands of God. No matter the distance that the person will cover, use safe journey prayers to commit the person into the merciful hands of God asking him to guide, protect and be with that person throughout the journey. Whether the person will travel by air, land or water, there is a great need for you to say a word of prayer and wishes to him or her. I can remember one of my friends who always compels me to send him travelers prayers before she enters a flight. It gives the person hope, makes him or her bold and courageous because there is a great power in the word of God. You can send it across to that person as a SMS message, through phone calls or hand it over to him or her as a short note or letter. Whether it is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, colleague, boss or any other person, you will definitely find the right words to use here.

Prayer for Traveling Mercies for friend and loved one

1. May the Lord furnish your way, clear everything that will come to disrupt your movement; may his watchful eyes be upon you as you embark on this journey my love.

2. The Lord will guide you as you travel today, he will subside all forms of danger on your way today, safe and sound shall you reach your destination today. Traveling mercies to you my Dear.

3. All the ill-fortune that may try to rise on your way today has been cast away by God Almighty, his loving hands of mercy shall never depart from you as you travel today my friend.

4. The Lord will banish all forms of evil perpetrators that may come to disturb your journey today, he will render them powerless and blind their eyes so that they will not see you. Enjoy your travel my love.

5. The Lord will drive away all forms of temptation, confusion that may arise to cause any form of mishap on your way today, he will cover you with his wings and defend you at all times. Journey mercies to you the love of my life.

6. My Dear, the good Lord will be by your side from the begining till the ending of this journey. He will never allow you to fall into the trap of the enemies. Be confident and trust in him because his mercies will never depart from you. Safe journey to you Dearest.

7. The Lord will guide you from all myriads unknown, he will see you through both in the thick and wild forests, all forms of evil creatures that may arise to cause harm in the course of your journey shall be silenced for your sake. Go well my beloved.

8. The Lord will drive away all forms of accidents on your way today, his mercies and peace will continue to abide with you, because he will be near to you, no evil shall befall you. Traveling grace to you Sweetheart.

9. The Lord will keep awake the spirit of the drivers/sailors/pilots and watchmen that will lead you on your journey today, he shall remove every form of crystal on their eyes so that they will take you safely to your destination. Enjoy your travel my best friend.

10. Through strange and lonely ways, through deserts, mountains and hills, his presence shall always be with you, the Lord will always be around to see you throughout your journey my Sweetheart.

11. In mighty oceans and rivers, he will always be around to guard you, across the snow and stormy weathers, his hands of mercy shall never depart from your side. Safe and sound travel to you.

12. The Lord will calm every mighty wind and breeze that may come to sweep away your boat/ship/ today, he will pursue every form of danger far away from your side. Enjoy your travel my sweetest.

13. The tides of the ocean, the earth's darkest place shall be formed in your favor today, move on the face of the water and in the space of the air with boldness and confidence because you will see his glory and goodness as you embark on your journey today.

14. The Lord, in whom there is  no distance too far, shall make each of the paths that you will cross today clear, his powerful hands shall never depart from you today my Heartbeat.

15. Through North, East, West and South, the good Lord will crown all your ways with his light; his wondrous mercies will shine in all your ways today. Travel with joy today the love of my life.

16. The grace of the Lord will never depart from you, he will rule in all the ways that you will take today, he shall never abandon you as you embark on your travel today my dear.

17. The Lord will grant you his ever-shining light on your way today, all forms of darkness, he will cast it aside, all the ways that you shall tread on today has been covered by his precious blood. Traveling mercies to you the love of my life.

18. The good Lord that lives and reigns eternally will be your guard and shield today, no power that will rise to speak otherwise will prevail as you travel today my most cherished.

19. May the Lord keep you free from all forms of harm, all the glooms on your way today, have been removed. Safe journey to you my love.

20. Throughout the long hours that you will spend on your way, the Lord will spread his wings around you, he will watch over you both in the night and in the dark hours, he will restain all forms of harm from reaching you.

21. The Lord that sees all shall see you through even in the farthest distance. You shall always be close to his sight and no power that may rise against you shall prosper.

22. The Lord will send his Angels to guard and surround you, you will remain safe throughout the journey because his watchful eyes will never depart from you.

23. The protecting arm of the Lord will defend you, he will continue to save and keep you till the end of this journey. His brightness shall never cease to be by your side today my love.

24. The savior Lord will bless you everywhere you go, he will be your light even in the darkest of the night, he will grant you a peaceful and safe journey.

25. No matter the number of perils that you will pass through your journey today, the good Lord who is the maker of the universe will guide and save you from them all. Traveling mercies to you my love.

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