Prayer for Victory over enemies - Prayer points

We are in constant battle - battle to succeed, battle to be free and battle to gain victory and that is  why you should use these Prayer for victory over enemies to commit our ways to God. We must not surrender to the will of the evil ones over our life because we have a great redeemer who is always ready and willing to help us win that battle. Make him your shield and armour so that all will be well with you.  Psalm 20:1-2 "May the Lord answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you! May he send you help from the sanctuary and give you support from Zion!." We need to commit all our ways to him so that it may go well with us. No matter how hard the wind blows, it will not affect those who put their hope in God Almighty. Therefore, we should not give our enemies the chance to get to us, let us be in constant prayer to God Almighty because he has promised us victory.

  Prayer for Victory over Enemies - Prayer Points

1.Heavenly Father, set me far away from my enemies and those who have sworn not to see me smile, may all of them be disgraced and may I forever wear a golden crown in Jesus Name.

2. Father Lord, may every evil agent on a mission to cause me sorrows and pains in my life be uprooted and destroyed now in Jesus Name.

3. My God my Lord, fight all those that are fighting me, disgrace all those who are secretly plotting my downfall and may you always put a song of victory in my mouth in Jesus Name.

4. Almighty God, may every satanic agent trying to destroy my life be battered by fire in Jesus Name. 

5. Dear Lord, every evil pronouncement that will lead to my downfall and setback be consumed by fire now in Jesus Name.

6. My Lord my God, may every evil temptations in my life trying to make me compromise my faith in you be cast out from me and may I never reject you in my life in Jesus Name.

7. My Father, let all that represents devilish terrorists, hoodlums, kidnappers, assigned to destroy my life be scattered now in Jesus Name.

8. Eternal Father, adjust and reposition my life, set me far away from the destructive plans of my enemies so that I will be a partaker of your blessings now in Jesus Name.

9. Almighty God, may evey voice that will rise to speak condemnation, death, failure, backwardness and poverty in my life be rendered powerless now in Jesus Name.

10. O Lord my God, free me from the oppression of my enemies that translates to sorrow and pains in my life in Jesus Name. 

11. May every agent of darkness assigned to cause confusion and disgrace upon my life be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

12. By the authority in  the name of  Jesus Christ, may anywhere that my name is being mentioned for bad never have any effect in my life in Jesus Name.

13. Father Almighty, release the wind of change and your atmosphere of miracles upon my life, every proposed plan to cause my downfall be scattered now in Jesus Name.

14. By the power in the Name of Jesus Christ, no matter how hard the wind blows, I will overcome and remain a candidate of heaven in Jesus Name.

15. May any evil agenda trying to deprive me of God's plan and purposes be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

16. Everlasting God, I declare by the power in your precious blood, that all that I have lost in the past, I shall regain from now onwards, victory will be mine in all I do in Jesus Name.

17. My God, My Father, I am calling upon you O Lord to come and take charge of my life, I shall be a source of blessing to my generation and no evil arrow pointed towards me shall prosper in Jesus Name.

18. May any evil power hovering around to steal my joy and happiness be disgraced and destroyed in Jesus Name.

19. Dear Lord, from now onwards, please make me untouchable and unreachable from my enemies, give me a divine security now in Jesus Name.

20. My Lord, always guide and direct my footsteps, draw me nearer when I want to step my feet on dangerous grounds that will consume my life in Jesus Name.

21. O Lord my God, may any form of blockage plotted by my enemies to destroy my life and make me not to achieve my purpose in life be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

22. I decree from now onwards, my name shall be favour because I shall be favoured in anything that I do now in Jesus Name.

23. May any monitoring spirit in my life trying to subject me to unnecessary hardship be disgraced and confused now in Jesus Name.

24. Father, every wicked agenda of the devil and his agents to make me labour in vain be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

25. May every evil power assigned to cause me constant sickness and illness in my life be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

26. My God my Father, whether the enemies like it or not, this year shall be a year of testimonies and upliftments in Jesus Name.

27. May every unfriendly friend around me be embarrassed and disgraced now in Jesus Name.

28. O Lord, may any hand holding my promotion, my job, get tired of holding it and release it to me now in Jesus Name.

29. Father Lord, destroy every evil manipulation of the enemies in my life through dreams now in Jesus Name.

30. Heavenly Father, always guide me with your precious hands, make me unharmable by my enemies in Jesus Name.

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