Birthday prayers for my daughter

 There is nothing that gives great joy more than watching your child grow. Therefore, use these birthday prayers for my daughter to ask God to bless, guide and protect your girl in all her ways. Sending your daughter these lovely and special birthday wishes will make her to love and appreciate you more. Whether you are a Mom or Dad, make it a point of duty to offer words of prayers and love to your daughter for her womb escape day celebration.

Birthday prayers for my Daughter

1. My Daughter, as you celebrate your birthday today, blessed shall you be in the morning, afternoon and night. The good Lord will prosper you in all your ways, victory shall always be yours. Have a joyous birthday celebration.

2. You will always be a partaker of the Lord's goodness and mercy, he will always set you up high upon a rock, where no form of adversaries and harm will get close to you. He will lift your heads up high above all your challenges. Happy Birthday to you.

3. The Lord will always be your light and salvation in all that you do. He will be your strength and your stronghold. No matter what may come your way, he will always keep you confident and give you the strength to succeed. Enjoy your day my girl.

4. Even though the mountains shake in the hearts of the sea, the Lord of hosts will allways be with you. No matter how strong the wind blows, you will be unshakable. Walk with your heads high up because the good Lord will always take charge of you in whatever you do. Happy Birthday my little Princess.

5. You will always find refuge under the wings of the most high. The Lord will always give his Angels charge of you to guard and protect you. You shall always be succesful and great in whatever you do. When you call on him in time of distress, he will surely hear and answer you. Enjoy your day my daughter, Dad and Mom loves you.

6. My Lovely daughter, as you add another year today, songs of praise and thanksgiving will always be in your mouth because the good Lord will always give you a cause to smile. All your years on earth shall be filled with great joy and happiness. Have a blessed birthday my Daughter.

7. The Lord will always deliver your soul from sickness and illness, he will save your eyes from tears, he will not allow your feet to slumber. You will always walk majestically in the land of the living. Happy Birthday to you.

8. The Lord's steadfast love and faithfullness will always be with you. All that your heart desires, he will surely grant you. Where others go and fail, it shall be a success story for you. Age with abundant grace my Daughter.

9. The Lord will always be by your side, therefore, you don't have to fear anything. He will open to you the gate of his righteousness and make you the chief cornerstone in whatever you do. His goodness and mercy will always be with you forever. Enjoy your new age my Girl.

10. The Lord will always keep you far away from evil and harm. He will keep you safe in your going out and in your coming in. He will always do great things in your life which will gladen your heart. Enjoy your day my Daughter.

11. My prayer for you is that the Lord will always fulfill your heart desires. He will always be kind and compassionate to you. He will never allow you to be in want because he will open his hands and give you all that you desire in its due season.

12. The Lord will bless you with great wisdom and understanding. You will always be a problem solver wherever you are. You will excel both in your academics and in the work of your hands. Great knowledge and wisdom shall never depart from you. Have a great birthday celebration.

13. The Lord will establish you forever and ever. He will make you great and great and blessed shall you be all the days of your life. Your name will always ring high above the nation. Happy new age to you from Mom and Dad.

14. The Lord will not withold any good thing from you. He will be your sun and shield and will always bestow you with favour and honour. You shall always reap bountifully. Your father and mother wishes you the best that life can offer. Have a blessed day.

15. Like grass that is renewed in the morning, so shall the Almighty God always renew your blessings. He will always satisfy you in his steadfast love and blessed shall you be all the days of your life.

16. No matter the level of cloud and thick darkness that may be around you, his lightenings will always lighten them up, his right hand and holy arm will alaways give you victory in whatsover you do. Have a belated birthday celebration.

17. The Lord will always be merciful and gracious to you. The steadfast love of the Lord which is from everlasting to everlasting shall always be with you. He will always redeem you in all adversaries.

18. This is just the begining of celebration in your life, you will live to celebrate more happy and fruitful years. The Lord will always give you a reason to celebrate and be happy always.

19. You will always celebrate your birthday in good health. Sickness and afflictions will always be far away from you. The Lord will always be your healer and he will deliver you in all situations. Enjoy your day my Daughter.

20. The smile and happiness that is on your face today will never leave nor depart from you. You shall live to celebrate more happy years in good and sound mind,

21. As you celebrate you birthday today, my prayer for you is that may you not deviate from the right track, continue to be that humble, loyal and amazing daughter that you have been to us and continue to excel in all that you do.

22. You shall be a source of light and blessing to all that comes across your way. You will always be known for truth and you shall always stand for the truth. You will be attributed with good works and highly reckoned for your generosity. Enjoy your day.

23. Just like you have been a good daughter to us, you will also be a good wife to your future husband and a good mother to your future kids. Your goodness will continue to radiate all over you. You are blessed my Daughter.

24. You will be great and you shall also be known for greatness. Your name will never fade away from history. The sky is your starting point because you will go beyond it. The Lord will always be with you.

25. Every closed door that you knock shall be opened unto you. You shall not labor in vain but also live to eat the fruit of your labor. You shall also be a conqueror in all that you do. Happy Birthday my Daughter. 

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