Heartfelt Letter to my Husband

No matter how busy you are as a wife, don't forget to always make use of these heartfelt letter to my husband to let your husband know how you feel about him. Marriage is more enjoyable when both partners values and cherishes each other. Don't allow the love in your union to fade, nurture and always maintain it by using great words of love. Love letters to your husband works like magic towards melting his hearts thereby making him to show you his unconditional love.

Don't ever think that men don't like to be flattered, try it once and you will be suprised at the outcome. They are expecting these words of love and appreciation from you, but most times will not tell you. If you are lucky to be married to a man who loves and cherishes you, don't leave him wondering if he is actually trying or not, praise him so that he will keep on doing more for you. We have written these sweet letter to husband in such a way that you can send it to your husband on your anniversary, his birthday or any other day or occasion that you desire. Communicate it to him in a touching and fantastic way.

Heartfelt Letter to my Husband

1.You are all that I want in a man

Dear Hubby,

You are incredible, seen, proven and most of all I have felt it. I love you so much and I want to let you know that I am madly in love with you. So may be you are wondering why suddenly I am sounding like this, it is because you make me to always feel on top of the world. You have all that I wished to find in a man. You showed me true love with all your heart without reservation. I am so suprised that you loved me more than I expected to be loved. In you, I don't only see a husband but also my boyfriend, my gistmate, my lover and above all, my confident. I am ready to love you non stop and I want to let you know that you are the answer to my puzzle that is why I will never take you for granted. Infact, you are all that I want in a man.

2. Your love swept me off my feet

My Sweet Husband,

Your love for me turns me on. It gives me the greatest feeling that I have ever felt in this world. I don't really know how to explain what I feel about you. I am just your wife, but you makes me feel as if I am the only one that deserves all the love in the whole world. Your love melts my heart, it is magical and it leaves me speechless. Just a glance at your handsome face, heals me of my pains and sorrows. Please my sweetest, when you see me staring at your face, don't ever feel bad, I am only wondering what I have done to merit such a great treatment from you. I'm crazily in love with you, because of you I see myself smiling uncontrollably sometimes. I made a great choice in you, you are the love that I see and I am also proud to let you know that your love swept me off my feet.

3. I can't get tired of loving you

My Lovely Husband,

What on earth can make me to stop loving you? You are so important to me just like the air that I breathe in. I need you to live and survive. You are the reason for my existence and I can't exist without you. You not only showed me true love, but you also taught me how to love. Being with you brought me great joy and happiness to my life. Each time I set my eyes on you, I fall in love with you over and over again. I look forward to seeing your face each and every passing day because I can't get tired of it. You are my love, you are my sweet husband, you have touched my heart in such a way that no one else have done. I love you and I can't get tired of loving you.

4. Thanks for making me a better person

My Love,

Your love makes me look like a perfect wife. You loved and tolerated me despite all my flaws. You loves me right and have never relented in giving me all that I need in order to be happy. You helped me grow, made sure that I achieved all my asppirations and heart desires. You treats me just the way that I want to be treated. Your encouragement and words of motivation have been a great foundation for most of the things that I have achieved in my life. When I think that I have reached the last limit of my success, you always makes me to realize that it is just the begining and push me higher. You are the husband that I prayed for, you are also the husband that I hoped for, thanks so much for making me a better person.

5. If I am still meant to make a choice, I will still chose you

My Darling,

I want to let you know that you have never given me a reason to regret for a second while I chosed you as my sweet husband. I can't forget the day that I came in contact with you, I can't also forget the day that you proposed and I accepted spending the rest of my life with you. Chosing you as my life partner is among the best decisions that I have taken in this life. You are such a special creature, highly accomodating and tender hearted. Even when I try to annoy you, you always suprise me with a broad smile which makes me to start blaming myself while I ever thought of hurting you the first place. I love you and I want to let you know that if I am still meant to make a choice, I will still chose you as my Darling husband.

6. I love the way that you love me

My Sweetest,

Do I have anything to complain about being with you? No, because you have never given me a reason to do so. I love you because you loves me right. I love you because you took me happiness as your highest priority. You don't joke with my feelings and emotions. You always go extra miles just to put a smile on my face. I don't believe that I can ever be loved this way. You are such an outstanding husband with an outstanding character. My love for you will know no ending because I have offered my whole heart to you. I love you and most especially, I love the way that you loves me.

7. You are indeed my missing rib

My World,

I don't need someone to let me know that you are indeed my missing rib. You fitted perfectly in to my life without much stress. You are that part of me that I can't do without. I love and cherishes you just because I strongly believe that you were specially created for me. I was meant to love you and were meant to love each other. I don't know how my life would have been if I have not accepted you in my life. You are the blood flowing in my veins. You are my stronghold, you are the only man that I will love and the only man that I will live to love. I am so proud of you and I want to let you know that you are not only my missing half but also my missing rib.

8. I'm missing you

My Honey,

Though you are far away from me, I want to let you know that the distance between us will never be an obstacle for the love that I have for you not to thrive. I am proud to say that it has made me realize how strong and great our love for each other is. I wake up everyday anticipating to see you lying by my side. It has not been easy for me since you left. I have grown so use to you that it is now obvious to me that a part of me is not around me anymore. The night seems so lonely and cold without you. The voice that whispers words of love to my ear early in the morning is no longer around me. I want to assure you that nothing in this world can ever stop me from thinking of you, no one in this world can take your place in my life. I'm missing you and can not wait any longer to be with you.

9. Your love is the best gift that I have

My Heart,

I cannot compare you with anything on this earth. You are my most valued and cherished property. I love you more than any other thing in this world. My heart belongs to only you alone and I strongly believe that yours belongs to me alone. With you in my life, I lack nothing. You filled my world with all that I need and you also gave me the greatest gift that I desire in this life which is great love and peace of mind. I don't have anything to worry about being with you. I love you with all my heart because your love is the best gift that I have you.

10. I will love you till eternity

My Forever Love,

I am here to let you know that our union and love will not be dainted, die nor fade but will last till eternity. Life with you has been simply amazing, you made the word marriage looks great and perfect to me. Nothing can shake my love for you, nothing can make me to stop loving. I will dwell permanently with you because in you I have found true love and happiness. You are my world, you are the love that I see, our love will know no ending because we would always be there for each other. I love you and I will continue to love you till eternity. 

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