Good night Messages for Dad

Here is an article on Good night messages for Dad.There is nothing that gives joy more than having a loving and caring Dad. Your Daddy makes sure that you get all you need in order to be comfortable. He makes a lot of sacrifices just to ensure that all goes well in the home. Some Dad's are funny and playful too making the home a great place to be. They are also great disciplinarian and good moral inculcator. The motivates and encourages us even when we are failing. Therefore, they deserve to be shown that we really appreciates what they are doing for us.

Make use of these goodnight Dad wishes to appreciate your Dad, tell him how much you love, values and cherishes him and also pray for their protection, guidance and good things to continue to happen to him knowing fully well that when your Dad is happy, it will affect you too.Whether you are his son or daughter, never fail to send across these messages to you Dad. They are lovely, heartwarming, sweet and hear touching. You can send it to your Dad as a text, through phone calls or communicate it to him face to face.

Good Night Messages for Dad

 1. Good night Daddy, I am so lucky to have you as my father. As you lay down on your bed to sleep, your strength will be greatly renewed. You will be very strong and sound when you wake up in the morning. Have a wonderful night.

2. My Lovely Dad, you are irreplaceable in my world, as you are about to go to sleep after today's activities, you will not be moved by nightly fears and fantasies, all the ill dreams shall be far away from you as you sleep tonight.

3. Life with you as my father has been so exciting and fascinating, the creator of the world will be your guide and your keeper, this night shall be a pleasant and joyful one. You will have a peaceful and undisturbed peace. Sleep well Dad.

4. I can't forget all that you do to make me happy, just as the sun has departed, darkness has taken over, your heart shall not be filled with darkness, but rather light, all will go well with you as you lay down to sleep tonight.

5. You are God sent to my world, as the evening shadows fall, you will experience a radiant night, calm and cool, a gentle breeze will blow across your way today to make sure that you have a great night rest.

6. Daddy, all I wish for you tonight is a perfect night rest, sickness and illness shall be far away from you, with good and sound health you will wake to a blessed and beautiful morning.

7. As the day has past over, the hours of darkness has set in, the joy of the Lord will not be over for you, rather, extends through the night, the Lord will keep you in his sight and protect you throughout the night. Have a wonderful night Dad.

8. My One in a million Dad, now that the toils of the day are over, you will have a night free from peril and a calm rest you will have. Your soul shall be preserved as you go to sleep tonight.

9. For being a good father to me, as you sleep tonight, the perpetual rays of love will shine across your way as you lie down to sleep, though the earth's brighteness has dissappeared, the Lord will grant you his light tonight.

10. My wish for you tonight is that darkness will not be dark where you are, all the glooms that you may encounter in your night have been removed, you will have a pleasant and a heartwarming night rest.

11. You have been a great role model to me, as you sleep tonight, the Almighty God will grant you all the blessings of the night, he will grant you a sweet sleep as your eyelids close, he will make you more vigorous as you wake for another day.

12. Dear Father, just like the love of God has spared you through the day, now that you have lay down to rest, he will watch over you and protect you from all forms of danger.

13. As you sleep tonight, the Lord will keep you in his sight and fill your hearts with heavenly thoughts, you will sleep in peace and wake up in peace.

14. I don't know how to pay you back for all that you have done for me. You are the best Dad that is existing, the good Lord will abide with you morning, afternoon and night. He will abide with you just as the night is near, no earth born cloud will arise to hide your eyes as you sleep tonight.

15. You are not only my Dad, but my best friend. After retiring to rest today, the God that made heaven and earth, light and darkness will defend you, he will watch and guide over you, no matter how long the night shall be, he will  send forth his Angels to be with you, he will not allow your heart to slumber nor be overtaken by the shadows of the night.

16. You have sacrificed a lot just to make sure that am I am happy. The Lord will abide bless you more in this night than the past nights, he will grant you purity and unwind peace, his mercy will make you glad as you lay down to sleep tonight.

17. Daddy, May no ill dreams disturb your rest, no power of darkness will molest you, you will rise gloriously to an amazing day. Have a sweet night rest.

18. May the presence of the Lord be with you each and every pasing hour, through cloud and sunshine he will surely guide you. Go to bed with a happy heart because the good Lord has already taken charge of you. Have a great night Dad.

19. As the evening descend, the love of the Lord shall always be with you, to grant you a blissful and blessed night. He will hold you in his mighty arms and you will also wake up in his mighty arms. Have a peaceful night Dad.

20. Though the sun is sinking fast, the daylight dies, he power and love will always be awake in you and he will take sacred charge of you as you lie down to sleep tonight. The Lord will not abandon you as you sleep tonight Dad.

21. Just as you began your day with the Lord, you shall also end your day with the Lord, he will grant you his peace in the night and save your soul from harm and danger. Have a peaceful night rest My sweet Daddy.

22. Dad,  the God of all things high and bright will send his Angels to round the four corners of your bed. An excellent and divine night shall you have.

23. The blessings of the Lord shall abide with you, hour by hour shall you be refreshed. Have a sound and healthy sleep Dad. Have a great night rest my irreplaceable father.

24. The Lord will keep his watch over you, his wondrous works shall always abide with, to a prosperous and wonderful day shall you wake up to.

25. The Lord that gave day which has ended, just as the darkness falls shall also take charge of you, this dawn will bring to you a more glorious and enjoyable day.

26. The voice of the Lord shall never be silent on you, he shall stand with you still, he will grant you a perfect rest tonight.

27. The loving kindness of the Almighty God will fill you with an everlasting life, he will guide you from all the myriads worlds unknown so that you will wake up giving glory unto him.

28. As the cloud of darkness falls around you, the saviour will be your light through the hours in the darkness, your face will not be clouded, his glory will always shine in your heart.

29. His arms so strong will clasp and hold you, he will watch and guide you and be your saviour as you sleep tonight.

30. The Lord will be your comforter, he will watch your head and watch round your bed, his providence and grace and providence will never be far away from you.

31. As you close your eyes with a cheerful heart, the Lord will not allow happiness to depart from you, you will wake up rejoicing in his love in the morning.

32. The Lord will grant you the true light that lightens all, he will make your life a daily Psalm of glory to his name.

33. The Lord will shine good spirits in your heart, he will impact the best gifts in your life, he will fill your heart with his love divine and be the source of your life and light. Goodnight Dad.

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