Birthday Prayers for my Pastor Wife

Are you looking for birthday prayer for your pastor's wife? We have made an amazing inspirational and encouraging birthday wishes for my pastor's wife. There is a great need to appreciate your pastor's helpmate for all that she has been doing in making sure that your pastor carries out the work in his ministry or Church effectively. She also assists both in the education and empowerment of other women in the Church. She is a mother to all and sundry, that's why you should not fail to celebrate her on her day. Ask God to keep on protecting and strengthening her so that she will never get tired in the service of God and humanity.

You can decide to send it across to her as a Message, communicate it to her through phone call, write it on her Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or other social media handles or even prepare a special birthday card for her.

Birthday Prayer for your Pastor's Wife

1. Happy Birthday to a woman whom God has used as a source of help to many. The Lord God will bless you so much for being kind and generous to people around you. You will always find help in your own time of need. More blessings to you as you add another year Ma.

2. My prayer for you is that God will continue to keep you strong and in good health so that you will continue to be a great helpmate to our Pastor. No form of sickness and affliction shall ever befall you. Enjoy your new age Ma.

3. The Lord will always be your strength and your shield. He will always guide and protect you in all your ways. No evil arrow pointed against you shall touch you because he will always mark you untouchable. Happy Birthday Mrs. Pastor.

4. The celebration of your birthday will bring to you the fulfillment of your heart desires. All your secret prayers, he will surely answer. You will never be in want. Have the best of birthday celebration Ma.

5. Mummy, as you mark the addition of another year today, the joy of the Lord will always be your stronghold. Happiness and joy will never depart from you and your entire household. Enjoy your birthday celebration.

6. The good Lord will continue to give you the wisdom and understanding  so that you will effectively run all your courses. You will continue to be a good mother not only to your kids, but also a good mother to the entire Church. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

7. You will be blessed in all that you do, you shall not labor in vain but also reap bountifully. Age with abundant grace because the Lord will richly bless all that concerns you. 

8. My prayer to you as you add another year to your years is that you should keep on being a source of light and inspiration to other women around you. You shall never lack the knowledge to impact, but also be filled with abundant knowledge. Have a joyous birthday celebration Ma.

9. Just the way that the Lord has blessed you with many children to feed, he will also fill your store house so that you shall lack nothing, keep on doing the good work and prosperity shall always be yours. Happy Birhday to a talented woman.

10. The Lord will always show you his goodness and mercy when you call upon him. He will answer you in your time of distress and you will always find help when you need it. Have a great birthday celebration.

11. Your children shall be a source of great joy and happiness unto your life. All the time that you are investing in taking care of them shall never be a wasted time. You shall live long to reap the fruit of your labour. Happy Birthday to you.

12. The Lord will continue to use you to propagate his words not only in this Church, but also across the world. You shall continue to move forward and backwardness shall never be your portion. Enjoy your new age Madam.

13. Songs of praise and thanksgiving shall never depart from your mouth and from your entire household. You will always have a reason to be joyful and grateful unto the Lord. Have a fun filled birthday celebration.

14. As you mark the addition of another year today, all that you have not been able to achieve in your previous years, you shall achieve them in this your new age. Age gracefully a blessed woman.

15.You shall continue to be an examplary who will always be associated with good deeds and outstanding qualities. You will continue to stand out positively from the crowd and always be a good sign post for other woman. Have the best of birthday celebration.

16. Dear Mummy, keep on being a good wife to our Pastor. May you continue to strengthen him so that he will continue to work in the Lord's vineyard and may the good Lord also continue to bestow you with sound mind and body. Age gracefully.

17. This is just the begining of celebration in your life, you will continue to celebrate more happy and fruitful years. Remain blessed Ma.

18. May the grace of the Lord continue to abide with you. May all your years be filled with so much joy and happiness and may pain and sorrow be far away from you and also your entire household. Enjoy your day.

19. You shall always be a partaker of God's steadfast love and faithfullness. You will always be an overcomer and conqueror  in all that you do. Victory shall always be your and any plan to pull you down shall never prosper.

20. My prayer for you is that God will continue to guide, direct and suggest your day for you. You will continue to be that strong and virtuous woman that you are always.

21. You shall always be strong to work in the ministry of God, you will be blessed with abundant wealth and riches beyond measure so that you will always see what you will use to feed the numerous children whom God have given to you. Happy birthday to you.

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