Intercessory Prayer for Church Members - Prayer points

 Intercessory Prayer means praying for others. Praying for others is a collective responsibility of everyone and not necessarily assigned to any special people. God hears and answers our prayers irrespective of our ages, status and background. When we commit others into the hands of God, we are also fulfilling the commandment on loving one another. Intercessory prayers for church members/Prayer Points is necessary because we have been united by faith and we are now families. We should learn to carry each other's burden just as Christ carried the cross, and was crucified and also died for our sake.

We should not only pray for our Church members but also our friends, relations, neighbours, leaders, nation and the world at large. Intercessory prayer brings us closer to God and also closer to others. When we are doing this we are participating in God's service and also service to humanity. We have a direct access to God, we are his sons daughter therefore he is always ready to hear and grant us our requests. Mathew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you."

 Intercessory Prayer for Church Members - Prayer Points

1. Almighty God, empower our members to believe, search and do your will. Make your commandments their watchword and annoit them with the spirit of persistence prayer in Jesus Name.

2. Heavenly Father, rededicate the life our members to understand the authority that you have given to them through your son Jesus Christ so that anything that the ask in your name shall come to pass in Jesus Name.

3. Our Everlasting God, take away every stone heart in our members and replace it with the heart of flesh, the heart of obedience so that they will always live to obey your commandments.

4. Immortal Redeemer, arise in your glory and watch over the members of this Church families with a pillar of cloud by the day and a pillar of cloud by the night in Jesus Name.

5. Father Lord, protect the soul of our members from every satanic manipulation trying to lure them into sin and wordly attraction. Fill them with your holy spirit always and guide and direct their footsteps in Jesus Name.

6. God Almighty, you are the convenant keeping God, make our members to be the light of the world so that their light will shine and surpass every form of darkness in their ways in Jesus Name.

7. Heaveny Father, make our members to always believe and trust in you alone, cast away every form of doubting spirit that will try to manipulate them into believing in powers that are not from you.

8. Our Lord and Saviour, cut off the members of this Church everything that will hinder them from not receiving your abundant blessings in Jesus Name.

9. Our God, Our Maker, may our members resolve to dwell in your house this year by attending Church services and weekly programmes and not only just clubbing, womanizing, pursuit of money and wordly riches in Jesus Name.

10. May every human agent working against the plan of God in the lives of our members be removed by the power in the blood of Jesus Christ,

11. Dear Lord, may all our members who are looking for job to be gainfully employed and those that are into business, let their busines flourish, cast away every spirit of laziness and idleness away from them in Jesus Name.

Intercessory Prayer for Church Members - Prayer points

12. O Lord, guide and protect all that attends this Church, protect them from untimely death, may you protect and keep them so that they will live to fufill their divine purpose in Jesus Name.

13. Lord God, protect our members and let them resist the deception and false doctrines that are rampant in our society today, stir up their hearts to alway know the truth and speak the truth.

14. Our maker, always guide our members from kidnapping, rape, ritual killings, brutality etc. May the not bury their children and may nothing cut short their joy and blessings in Jesus Name.

15. O Lord, may every power that will rise against the marriages, families and homes of our members be destroyed in your precious blood.

16. O Lord, may every yoke of seasonal illnesses, sicknesses and affliction on our members be destroyed and uprooted by fire in Jesus Name.

17. Father Lord, may every power from the satanic kingdom rising to destroy our members through any means be cut off in Jesus Name.

18. O Lord our God, may every dream that will translate to setback, poverty, hardship and pains and sorrows among our members be scattered and destroyed by fire in Jesus Name.

19. Everlasting God, imbibe in the heart of the members of this Church, your spirit of forgiveness and repentance so that they will be ready to forgive others and repent of their sins in Jesus Name.

20. O Lord, uproot every spirit of disobedience and greediness from our members in Jesus Name.

21. May our members be a source of blessing to their families and society and the future generation in Jesus Name.


Intercessory Prayer for Church Members - Prayer points

22. Eternal Father, may every home of our members that is experiencing troubles, lack of peace receive peace and may your undying love reign in their hearts in Jesus Name.

23. O Lord our God, you said that there shall be no barren woman in our midst, may any of our member seeking for the fruit of the womb be blessed now and may those that are pregnant deliver safely in Jesus Name.

24. Our Redeemer, in the midst of trials, troubles and tribulations, always cover our members with your precious blood and may no harm befall any of them in Jesus Name.

25. By the power in the name of Jesus, may every spirit of backslidding and laziness towards your work be cast away from our church members in Jesus Name.

26. Our Redeemer, imbibe in our members the spirit of grace and supplication to watch and pray this year so as not to fall short of your grace and resist temptation.

27. Lord God, make the young people of this Church to resist the terrors and the dangers of the end time and may they be the agents of peace and posterity in the society in Jesus Name.

28. Father Lord, may our members not be objects that will be used to perpetrate evil of any sort in Jesus Name.

29, Heaveny Father, grant our members excellent spirit , divine wisdom and understanding in every area of their lives in Jesus Name.

30. O Lord, may any of our members writing his or her exams pass in flying colours in Jesus Name. Amen.

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