Happy birthday quotes for friends

Use these happy birthday text messages for friends that are funny to make your friend laugh on his or her birthday. Birthday comes once in a year. It is a time that gives you the maximum opportunity to tell your friends how much you love or care for them. This will bring both of you more close to each other, rekindle your love for each other once again. You can achieve this by using heart touching words.

In this article, I have carefully compiled a list of happy birthday texts for friends, either male or female. It is free of charge, feel free to choose the ones you like.

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Happy birthday text messages for friends

Happy birthday quotes for friends

1.Happy birthday dear friend, as the year goes by, may we keep on being closer to each and enjoy other birthdays.

2. You are the perfect definition of the type of friendship that I prayed for. Enjoy your birthday and may nothing make you sad today.

3. I didn't doubt our friendship even the first day that we met, you showed what it really mean to have a friend, and I appreciate you so much for that, Happy birthday my best friend.

4. Our friendship didn't happen by accident, nor did it happen by chance, it happened for a purpose which you always fulfill. As you celebrate your birthday today, may all your heart desires come to fulfillment.

5. I count myself lucky having you as someone close to me. You always give me unforgettable memories. As you add another year to your age, may good health and prosperity always be your portion.

6. Birthdays are remembrance of the day that we were born, for me, your birthday make me to count myself lucky and that day you were born blessed for bringing such a wonderful soul close to me. Happy birthday to you.

7. If I start typing my wishes here for you, I may keep on demanding for more and more spaces. All I wish for you is joy, happiness and peace wherever you may be.

8. You are friend who always reminds me how special I am. You are a friend who always keep me away from my stress. You are such a wonderful friend. Be happy, rejoice and enjoy because today is your day.

9. I don't need to check the calendar before I realize that it is your day. I don't need to see your post before I know that it is your day. The first you told me your birthday date, it stuck to my memory because you are such an amazing friend whom I cannot forget his/her details in a hurry. Happy birthday dear.

Happy birthday quotes for friends

10. Yes, today is your birthday. A day that you have added another year to your age, it doesn't mean that you are only getting old, but you are getting braver, stronger, and smarter. Happy birthday my dear friend.

11. Not everyone is lucky to have a special friend like you, since I have you, I count myself as the luckiest person in the planet. Happy birthday and enjoy you day.

12. There is joy everywhere because a hero/heroine was born today.

13. May all that you have wished for, all that you have prayed for and all your heart desire be fulfilled this period.

14. Do you know what your birthday means? It means that you are just a conqueror.

15. Happy birthday to a friend who supports me through thick and thin.

16. I may not be the best person, I may not have the best character, thanks for taking and accepting me for whom I am. Enjoy your day!

17. May the joy which you have experienced today being your birthday, always dwell with you.

18. How can I forget to wish a one in a million soul like a prosperous birthday. I need to be flogged if I do so, Happy birthday my friend.

19.I always ask myself this; Are we related by blood? Thank you for caring so much for me,,Enjoy your day.

20. Your way has already been cleared to usher you in to another great year of testimonies in your life.

Happy birthday quotes for friends

21. Unchangeable, that's how I can describe the love that exists between us. May this love continue to grow with the addition of new age.

22. I was thinking in my heart the special gift that I can present to you, today being your birthday, all the things I remembered, you already have then. Oh! What a special person you are!! May keep on living in abundance and may all your heart desire be granted.

23. Good friends are rare to find, when you have them hold them tight. I am going to continue holding you tight because your type is rare to find. Happy birthday.

24. If no one have told you before that you were carefully created, hear it now. You are a unique creature, specially made. Keep on being you and enjoy your uniqueness.

25. It is always a debt not to wish someone so sweet as you are a happy birthday. Happy birthday my sweet friend!

26. You worth more than a million to me! You completes me, you feel my heart with joy, therefore I can hesitate to say happy birthday to you!!

27. You may be growing older, but your life will be shinning brighter.

28. I pray that God will honour your requests just like the way you honoured me.

29. You are worth celebrating. You are the best thing that have happened to me, therefore enjoy your day.

30. Even if am not around physically to celebrate with you, my spirit and mind is already there. Have a blast birthday celebration.

31. I'm sending you a bunch of flowers, this is how a bunch of blessings will locate you as you add another year.

Happy birthday quotes for friends

32. God will prosper and guide you in whatever you do; Happy birthday my dear friend.

33.  Special people like you deserve special celebration. Therefore I celebrate specially today because you deserve it. Enjoy your day.

34. Be assured that you are going to mark a remarkable height as you celebrate your birthday today. New and better ways are opening for you. Happy birthday to the joy of my heart.

35. A cute friend like you deserves everlasting happiness. May happiness remain with you forever. Happy birthday my lovely friend.

36. When you look up in the sky, you will see many stars, but there is a star that shines brighter, that's what you are, Happy birthday my lovely friend.

37. You were specially created for me. You were specially made for me, therefore may you live long for me. Happy birthday my best friend.

38. Just like the way you are happy seeing your birthday candles shining on your cake, that's way God make all that concerns you to prosper and shine. Happy birthday my cute friend!

39. Your birth is a blessing to me, therefore your birthday is worth celebrating.

40. You entered my life and completed me. I feel special having someone like you by my side! Happy birthday to you!

41. Birthday is celebrated once in a year, but for me, I celebrate you everyday.

Happy birthday text messages for a special friend

Happy birthday quotes for friends

42. You have a special place in my heart. You have occupied a permanent position in my heart. May God continue to bless you, Happy birthday to you!

43. I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you a happy birthday, and more prosperous years to come.

44. May your day be filled with joy and laughter, Happy birthday my dear friend.

45. It may be easy to meet people, it may be easy to talk to people. But it is difficult to find someone who will truly love and understand you. Thanks for giving me such opportunity.

46. Make a list of all that you desire and considered them granted! Happy birthday!!

47. Despite all difficulties in life, if you stay by my side am safe, Enjoy your day.

48.  I hope your special day will bring you happiness, fun and fulfilled dreams.

49. This is a special day, celebrate it in a special way!

50. I will always pray for your good health and prosperity, and also for you to reach a greater height.

51. My crazy, kind and loving friend, life without you would have been twisted. Happy birthday!

52. You are a shinning light. You are a source of inspiration and motivation. Enjoy your day!

53. To a friend that has a clean heart, continue being you. Happy birthday to you buddy!

Happy birthday quotes for friends

54. Thank you for being in my life and making it so meaningful.

55. Have the nicest birthday ever. You deserve the best!

56. You are just my family member. I wish to have you by my side always. Happy birthday to you dearest friend!

57. Enjoy your birthday, it's your day!

58. A great big happy birthday to my great big friend!

59. Know that you are my last resort, and I will be anything that you want me to be, Enjoy your day dearie!

60. You ignited my hope, you made me feel lively again. Happy birthday to a special friend!

61. Sweeter and greater days ahead as you mark another year.

62. God took time in creating you. He blessed you beyond your imagination, therefore never underestimate yourself.

63. What I wish you today is simply; Peace, joy and happiness.

64. I Shifted all my appointments because of your day. If I don't do it for a special friend like you, whom else will I do it for?

65. Just like grasses growing on a bare rock, so shall you find your blessings in a place that you least expected. Enjoy yourself because it is your day!

66. The say you forget with time, but I keep on remembering you with time.

67. In another universe, I will still pick you to be my best friend. Happy birthday buddy!

68. I wish you a spectacular perfect year ahead!

69.I have been thinking; What would have been of me without you? Thanks for making me feel great.

70. Your garden will be filled with Roses, because Roses grows in a special places! 

 Birthday quotes for friends best friends that are funny

Happy birthday quotes for friends

71. This is just the beginning, you will live to celebrate more happy years.

72. Look up to the sky, how many stars do you see? So shall multiple blessings locate you as you celebrate today.

73. They said legends are born in this month, and to my greatest surprise, you were born in this month. Happy birthday great legend.

74. Don't let anyone make you to frown today, keep on smiling, smile because it your day.

75. I woke up and discovered that the day was unusually bright, I was filled with joy, when I wanted to know the reason, behold I discovered that it is your birthday.

76. Friends like you are rare to find, as you celebrate your birthday today, please continue supporting and loving me.

77.  I can't wait to join you where you are celebrating your birthday, not just to come and eat and drink, but to remind you how special you are to me.

78. Kiss your parents ten times for me today being your birthday, for giving birth to such an wonderful person like you.

79. I wish your birthday party will be in an open field, so that I will be able to jump around, shout as loud as I can, until someone ask me why, then I will tell them how you accepted and transformed me.

80. Please disregard any SMS you may have gotten earlier that I will not come for your birthday party, it not from me but rather someone who does not understand how close you are to me, until i explained. Are you surprised? I'm with the person at the door of the venue.

Happy birthday quotes for friends

81. No need of consulting a birthday party planner; I have planned your birthday even a month before today.

82. That cloth that I wore the first day we encountered each other, I still keep it in a special place till today because it reminds me the day I come in contact with an angel.

83. You can count thy number of candles in your cake, but you won't be able to count the number of blessings that God will unleash on you. Happy birthday my dearest friend.

84. You are officially getting older!

85. Be at alert! From now onwards your SMS inbox shall be filled up with good news.

86. Let me reveal to you something; I feel jealous when I see you talking with another person. Later, I realized that good things like you need to spread! Keep on being special and motivating.

87. 4 angels came from heaven to earth for you today, one to make you happy, the other to protect you, the other to direct you, the other to make sure that all your heart desires are communicated to heaven.

88. You know what, don't be afraid of grey hairs as you add another year today, because they are mark of wisdom.

89. Hope I will be able to count all your teeth today. Can't wait to see you laugh as never before.

90. Age is just a number, you are not getting older, but you are getting better.

91. To the dagger of my heart, happy birthday!

92. I think I'm jealous, don't share your special qualities to those who don't deserve it. I know your worth. Enjoy your day dear friend!

93.  Have you find yourself laughing without knowing the reason before? You will experience that today because you have positively touched a soul.

Happy birthday quotes for friends

94. When you get drunk, you reveal more. Hope you have enough wine. I'm going to drink and get drunk just to let the world all that you mean to me.

95. You are a mango, if you think that I will forget your birthday!

96. You are a fresh wine, so get a wine as fresh as you are for your birthday.

97. My love for you will never fade, but will keep getting stronger.

98. Don't be bothered about source of music, the birds of the air know that it your birthday, and they are ready to sing for you.

99. The venue of your birthday should be in an open place, so that you will receive the special breeze meant for a special friend like you.

100. I know you use to be shy, but today, be ready to dance your shyness away, because it's your day!

Birthday song for friends

 Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday you,
Merry, merry, merry birthday to you,
Be assured that I love you,
Be assured that I care for you,
May you get all desire,
May you get all you desire.
And pour more champagne!
Hip! Hip! Hip!!

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