Sad love Paragraphs/Sad love letters for him or her

 Relationship can be enjoyable, but at times things can get sour. Sad love paragraphs/sad love letters for him or her is written for you to express your feelings or concerns to that person who was once dear to you. It is not easy to stand and watch your partner cause you pains and sorrows. You need to let him or her know how much this is affecting, as you are not enjoying the sadness you are experiencing in your life any longer. It could be your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend or any other person, go ahead and communicate these words to him or her, this can make that person to have a rethink and further retrace his or her steps. Write it in such a way that it will make him or her cry.

 Sad Love Paragraphs/Sad Love Letters for Him or Her

1. I have been crying since you left to the extent that tears has stopped coming out from my eyes. I don't know that it can be painful to love. Please what crime did I commit in loving and entrusting my heart to you? I don't want to regret loving you, please come and make me happy again.

2. I was far away from unhappiness when you came into my life that I thought that meeting you will take me to the highest realm of love, but you proved me wrong by subjecting me to untold sadness and heartbreaks that I now wonder why you treated me like this. I am ready to go separate ways with you so that I can experience true love.

3. I strongly believe that you are on a mission to destroy my love life. I never meant harm accepting you to be a part of my life. Why are you causing me these untold pains and sorrows? Please turn back and look at my face again, because I am still that person that you once loved, I didn't change.

4. All the warmth and cool breeze that I do feel around me has disappeared entirely. What I now feel is hotness all around me that it seems as if I am burning. The love that resided in my heart has vanished living me in a sorry and pity state. Whom do I tell my worries and concerns if not you.

5. I am feeling like someone that felled off from the place that he/she was anchoring safely. I thought I have reached my final destination of love when I met you. Oh, how wrong I was to have even think that way! I have been severely wounded by your love in such a way that I can't find rest anymore.

6. Do you think that it easy to wake up and stop loving someone like that? No, it is very difficult for me to stop loving you because you have become a part of me. I entrusted my whole heart to you thinking that you will keep it safe. Give me back my love and don't remain a trace of it with you.

Sad love Paragraphs/Sad love letters for him or her

7. What made you to turn against me? I need to be loved and most importantly, I need to be loved right. Everything around me can testify that I am a loving and kind person but I wonder where you get all these negative impressions about me. To love is not a crime, and to be in love gives a great feeling. I deserve the best, treat me right and let love lead.

8. When I can't find true love around me, does it then means that I have to travel to another planet in order to get it? Why is true love far away from me? My heart is full of unanswered questions, please can you give me a listening ear?

9. Ever since I was in love with you, I also fall in love with the Roses thinking that just the way that Roses never fade, so will our love be. I never know that I was wrong because our love was short lived. I still can't comprehend why it happened that way.

10. Why is our love bitter-sweet? It pains me today and sweets me tomorrow. Make this love to be static so that it will stop fluctuating. I want my heart to be at rest and at peace, please don't claim to love me when you know that you don't.

11. This is out of my control, please stop playing with my emotions. Unless you wants me to be down and depressed. I love you with all my heart, if you can give me half of the love that I have for you, I think I will be okay.

12. There are so many ugly chapters of love that I have in my life, I thought that your love would have erased all these ugly chapters. But you entered my life and with the way that I see it going, it seems that you want to add another chapter that will be endless to it. Please have a change of heart and make me happy for once.

13. It pains so much to love someone who do not see it as being necessary to love you back. You will feel unwanted and looks so desperate. How I wish that you can enter my heart and understand how much I love you so that you will stop taking me for granted.

14. Stop thinking that I am feeling what you are feeling. I have learnt all the lessons which you tried so hard to teach me. I am not a dullard, when I love, I love right and not stupidly.

15. You made me scared of the word "love". All that you showed me when I felt that I was in love with you made me to think twice about the real meaning of love. Anyway, I don't have to conclude because I strongly believe that there is a true love waiting for me out there.

Sad love Paragraphs/Sad love letters for him or her

16. You humiliated and embarrassed me because of my wrong choice, our love journey is an untold story, but I am very sure that I am not as bad as you think, one day you will come to realize that you lost a soul that rightly belongs to you.

17. My heart is heavy, I want you to understand that no matter what happens, I will never regret falling in love with you. There is a part of me that still loves you and I can't lie about it.

18. The wind of love that initially blow across my way was so strong that I felt that it will always be around me. I will not allow my heart to be messed up by any other person again.

19. We will conquer all odds, our love will continue to remain unshakable only if you believe that we can make it work again. I still love and cherish you greatly.

20. It is really sad and difficult for mr to say goodbye to you, I will miss you and everything about you. Love is a journey and you will only stop searching if you meet the right person. Let me gather my pieces and look for love elsewhere.

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Love Letters for Him that Makes Him Cry 


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