Touching Love Letters After a Breakup

Make use of these touching love letters for him/her after a breakup to still remind that your friend whom you have parted ways with how much you still misses him/her. It is not easy to cut off just like that with someone whom you once loved, no matter how you try to act as if you are not bothered, believe me that deep inside you, there is something special about that person that you will never forget in a hurry. You may have asked yourself if it is necessary for you to still write or communicate with that person, but I want to let you know that it is not a bad idea if you finally decided to do so. Writing a letter to your one time friend after a breakup can still bring the both of you together again if you are still interested in the relationship. It dosen't matter who initiated the idea because sometimes we can take a decision as a result of excessive anger.

 Depending on your mission of writing such a letter, if it is for a recouncilliation, state it clearly and cite the reasons why you think it is necessary. If it is for a final farewell, also let the person know and don't fail to acknowledge him or her. Don't write to ruin more insults or abuse on your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, if you know that your mission of writing is to add more salt to the injury, I will advice you to let sleeping dog lie.

Here are touching love letters after a breakup specially for you;

1. Too hard to say goodbye

I can't imagine myself saying goodbye to you. Is this a movie or a real life event? No, it a lie, you can't be gone like that. When you told me that it was over between us, I thought you were joking. After staying for weeks without hearing from you, I then realized that it is becoming a reality. I didn't see it coming I would have tried my best to make you stay. I still love you and you still means a lot to my life. You didn't give me so many chances, I would have changed to a better person. I don't deserve this, please come back to me.

2. I will miss you forever

To be candid with you, I can't forget you in a hurry. Though we have decided to go our separate ways, but there are many things about you that will forever remain evergreen in my memory. Your sweet voice and charming smile that sets me at a high pace, I can't forget. You really colonized the whole of me in such a way that I see you in all that I do. It is going to be very difficult for me to come to terms that we are no longer together. But since it is like this, What more can I say? All I wish for you is success in all you do, but have it in mind that I will miss you forever.

Touching Love Letters After a Breakup


3. Why did you breakup with me?

I still continue to ask myself over and over again where I went wrong in our relationship. You were the friend that I truly accepted in my life believing that nothing can tear us apart. We have been together for long and have gotten used to each other. We did not quarrel a lot, but we rather settles the little misunderstanding that we had quickly. We were the best of friends which made everyone that knew about our relationship envious of us. I held you in a high esteem believing that you also did the same. It came as a great blow to me when you said that you were parting way with me. What did I do wrong because I can't still believe it.

4. I can't imagine how life would be for me without you

I am still wondering how I will be able to cope without you. You were just like a part of me that I can't stay without you. You made me smile when I think I can't, laugh when I think that I am sad. No one can be able to fill nor take your place in my life. I have grown with you to the extent that I thought that we can't be separated. I can't lie, I truly loved you, really wanted to be with you. But since you have decided to go, also give me the heart that I will use to stay without you.

5. No matter what, you are still the friend that I once loved

Leaving you was a hard decision for me to take, but I later realized that I have to take it. I have known you for years, you were also among the friends that really matters to me. Yes, we are going our separate ways, but I will not forget that we once had something in common. Since we are facing many challenges and situations that we can no longer handle, it is better for us to call it a break so that we can search for joy and happiness elsewhere. But I still want to remind you that I can never and will never forget you in a hurry.

Touching Love Letters After a Breakup


6. My bedsheets have been soaked with tears

After reading your breakup letter with me, I found it very difficult to control my tears, I have cried and cried my eyes out. I didn't see it coming, you were the love of my life and I never thought that you will leave me like this. If tears can ever bring you back to me, then I think that I have tried my best. I can't control myself again, I am really sad and unhappiness have become the order of my day. I still need you in my life and I will also be ready to accept you back if you wish to come back to me.

7. You taught me a lot

In my list of people that have influenced my life positively, you are among the top people. Even though we have parted ways, your words of advice and encouragement I can never forget. Sometimes I wonder if I can be able to meet a wonderful person like you again. You really changed my life for better and I will never regret meeting you. Thanks so much for the love that you have showed me, I will always appreciate you for having a great positive impact in my life.

Touching Love Letters After a Breakup


8. Is this the way?

I never knew that one day I will wake up to realize that you are no longer a part of me. Don't tell me that you are leaving me forever because I can't be able to stand it. Anyway, where did I go wrong? Is it a crime to love? I have many unanswered questions that is bothering and giving me sleepless nights over our breakup. I know that friends do breakup and make up and I believe so much that our own case will not be different. You have left me devastated and confused and I still believe that I am dreaming.

9. Out of presence, still in mind

You may be miles away from me, you may think that we have separated and that I no longer cares about you, but I want to let you know that I still think and cares about you. You colonized the whole of mw that although we are no longer together, I still feel the love that you once had for me. You are a friend that I can never forget in a hurry and I really wish to see you face to face in order to explain all these to you. I still have you in mind and I really mean it when I say it.

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