Prayer for Financial Breakthrough - Prayer points

Prayer for financial Breakthrough is specially written for you to use and ask God to shower you with his blessing in your financial life. Our God is a God that never gets tired of hearing our cry and he also does not get tired of granting us our requests. He is that only friend whom we can run to in every situation. 1 Chronicles 4:10" Jabez cried out to the Lord of Israel, "O, that you will bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request." Just like the way he answered the prayer of Jabez he will surely grant you your requests if you trust and confide in him. One thing that we need to do is to obey and trust in his words. No matter how heavy the load may seem to be, he is the only one that will make it to become lighter for us to carry. If things are not going the way that you want mostly in your financial life, no need to lose hope nor get depressed, but rather run to him and pour out your heart believing that he has already granted you your request.

 Prayer for Financial Breakthrough - Prayer Points

 1. O God, uproot every seed of backwardness and failure in my business, job and career, arise and step into my life and suppress my oppressors and those who have taken delight to see me in sorrow and pains, favour me and open my way of financial breakthrough in Jesus Name.  

2. Lord I want to be a source of blessing to my generation, inspire and empower me with the wealth and riches in order to bless and encourage others in Jesus Name.

3. By the authority in the name of Jesus, I rebuke every demon working against my business, job and career. I command them to be rendered powerless now in Jesus Name.

4. Father Lord, grant me your wisdom and understanding to discover new ideas, inspiration and divine strategies to turn my career around and grow my business into a global brand. This year shall be my year of testimony in Jesus Name.

5. O Lord, help me to become a shining star in my business and career, open my eyes to the right opportunities and profitable ventures this year in Jesus Name.

6. O God, by the power in your name, I declare that my house shall be filled with abundant wealth and riches now in Jesus Name.

7. My Father my Maker, may any man or woman that will be instrumental to my financial breakthrough locate me as I step out today, whoever that will give me the right connection, may I meet them today in Jesus Name. 

8. My God, by the power in your Name, I declare and decree that every curses against my life, my business, and job be destroyed now. May I be set free from poverty and lack now in Jesus Name.

9. Dear Lord, grant me with the resources that I need in order to help in the spread and propagation of your word across this Nation and the world at large in Jesus Name.

10. Father, thank you for blessing my business and the works of my hand, may it continue to grow and expand and may no power hinder it from growing and expanding in Jesus Name.

11. O Lord my God, I ask for forgiveness in any way that I have failed to acknowledge you the way that I should have done. Imbibe in me your spirit so that I will always remain grateful and faithful to thee,

12. O God, may the oppression of thieves and robbers that will cause my downfall never locate me in Jesus Name.

13. O Lord, cast away every spirit of backwardness, failure and disappointment from my life now and onwards in Jesus Name.

14. My Father, adjust and reposition me to a greater height in my financial life, may no power succeed in pulling me down in Jesus Name.

15. Eternal Father, may every form of spiritual blindness preventing me from creating wealth and riches be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

16. My God, may any voice that will speak or rise to speak condemnation against my business ,career or job never stand. Translate any pronouncement that will lead to my failure in Jesus Name.

17. By the power in your name, May I be blessed in my business, may all the ugly situation that I am passing through now transform to testimonies and songs of praise in my life now in Jesus Name.

18. Sovereign God, make me to be untouchable and unstoppable towards my road to greater wealth and riches in Jesus Name.

19. Father Lord, I declare with your precious name that all my years of labour shall never be in vain, I shall eat the bread of my sorrow and no power shall stop me from shining.

20. My Redeemer, open that door of riches in my life which no power can close and may it remain permanently open in Jesus Name.

21. Every wicked agenda of the devil and his agents to frustrate me in my business, work and career be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

22. Father Lord, bless me with good health so that I shall be able to cater for my business, work and career in Jesus Name.

23. May every manipulation of the devil to stop me from moving higher be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

24. O Lord, I stand upon the authority of your word to claim that I am already a success story to my entire generation in Jesus Name.

25. My Lord, guide me by the power in your name and may no evil arrow pointed against my wealth and finances prosper in Jesus Name.

26. With the precious blood of Jesus Christ, I cancel every attracted curse working against my business, career, job and works of my hands in Jesus Name.

27. Father Lord, grant me an open heaven and let me experience the outpouring of your blessing and grace in Jesus Name.

28. Father, always help me to take the right decision, teach me the way that I should go so that all will go well with my business, job and career in Jesus Name.

29. By the resurrection power in the name of Jesus Christ, may every power that will hinder me from attaining greater height and that will make my business or work to slumber be destroyed now in Jesus Name.

30. The only Sovereign God, let your right hand of righteousness restore value to my life and finance now in Jesus Name.

31. Almighty God, may anything that will cut me short of your glory so that I will not be a partaker in your wind of miracles be cast away from my life now in Jesus Name.

32. My God, by the power in your name, I decree that this year shall be my year of abundant money and breakthrough in all areas of my life in Jesus Name.

33. Heavenly Father, may your prosperity locate me, set me far away from poverty and may anything that I lay my hands on turn to gold in Jesus Name.

34. O God, in any way that I have sinned to come short of your glory, forgive me and grant me financial breakthrough in Jesus Name. Amen.   

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