Prayer for Church Growth - Prayer Points

Prayer for Church growth is written for you to use and commit the Church into the hands of God. We must always commit the leaders of the Church and it's members into the hands of God knowing that Jesus Christ is the body of the Church and we are part of Christ's body. 1 Peter 5:3 "Be Shepherd's of God's flock that is among you, watching over them not out of compulsion, but because it is God's will; not out of greed, but out of eagerness; not lording it over those entrusted to you, but being examples to the flock."  We need to ask God to guide, direct and protect both our Church members and leaders for the proper spread and propagation of the gospel.

Prayer for Church Growth - Prayer Points

 1. Almighty God, may your everlasting love reign in our Church, let there be team spirit in the Church so that all will be working together towards building a greater and mightier Church, may the Church grow from strength to strength in Jesus Name.

2. Father Lord, always be with our Church leaders, guide and direct their footsteps so that they will always know the reason for their calling and not deviate in Jesus Name.

3. O God, expose every agent of darkness that is working against our Church, may all their evil plans be fruitless in Jesus Name.

4. Father, make the Church an unsafe place for evil perpetrators, may the always feel uncomfortable to the point that they will realize that the Church is not a safe place for them.

5. Father Lord, strengthen the faith of our Church leaders, give them your wisdom and understanding so that they will always be able to proclaim and propagate the gospel all over the world in Jesus Name.

6. O God, in any way that the Church has gone against your will through unforgiveness, materialism, worldliness, idolatry etc, wash us with your precious blood so that we may be clean again and always guide us so that we will not go back to sin.

7. Ancient of days, bestow our ministers, priests, and every leader of the Church with good health so that they will never go back nor relent in serving you.

8. Almighty God, give your Church the power for signs and wonders to enhance soul winning and may the spirit to always study and mediate on your words and never depart from it.

9. O Lord, always be with our Church leaders and ministers so that they will always resist temptation and worldly desires that are not according to your will in Jesus Name.

10. Father Lord, may the Church never loose grips in winning more souls for you in Jesus Name.

11. Father Lord, bring the activities of false prophets who are trying to distract the Church members to a halt in Jesus Name.

12. O Lord, provide the resources needed for the work of the kingdom and may the leaders of the Church also use it for the purpose they are meant for when received in Jesus Name.

13. Eternal Father, always grant the Church the boldness and courage so that they will speak and stand for the truth in Jesus Name.

14. O Lord, may the persecution of the Church and it's members in any part of the nation and the world stop, render any leader or sect that will rise against the Church or it's members powerless in Jesus Name.

15. Our Redeemer, we ask for the repentance of any our members who are yet to receive and truly welcome you in their lives have a change of mind and accept you in their lives in Jesus Name.

16. O God, let the leaders of every Church hearts and mind be directed towards Christ, to have a love for God's word and to walk in his wisdom, humility and strength.

17. Father Lord, may every evil agent in human form assigned to destroy and disorganise the Church disappear now in Jesus Name.

18. O God, make the church to value and love each and every of it's members irrespective of background and financial status in Jesus Name. 

19. May all the organizations and groups in the Church work together towards the growth and propagation of your word in Jesus Name.

20. Father Lord, may we always be Godly and emulate the footsteps and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, may the Church be a good sign post for all and sundry in Jesus Name. Amen.

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