What does a stitch in time saves nine mean?

You may have come across this saying " A stitch in time saves nine " and you want to know what it actually means. We have tried to give you the meaning in a way that you will understand it better.

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"Stitch in time saves nine simply means that you should act fast and don't procrastinate so as to avoid complications of issues."

Just like when you have a tear on your cloth which is minor at that time, instead of you to stitch it, which would have required one stitching, you allow it to continue tearing to a point that it will require more than one stitching (nine).

In life, there is a need for you to take action as at when due as failure to take action at the right time may yield an undesirable result.

Most people are facing ugly situations which they would have averted if they have taken prompt action. People have also missed better opportunities as a result of not responding early.

A stitch in time saves nine is telling you to act when you are supposed to act, give urgent attention to things that requires urgent attention. No need of procrastinating, but remember that "a minute can change the situation of everything." Sometimes your respond to issues detects whom you are and how far you will go in life.

Let me give you a short to further buttress my point on the result of failure to act on time.

What does a stitch in time saves nine mean?

 A stitch in time saves nine Story

A woman have two children, a boy and a girl. One early morning, it was very cold and the children decided to take warmth in an open fire. While the where enjoying the warmth from the fire, the girl's cloth caught fire. The brother who was with her tried to quench the fire, but could not. So he raised alarm, actually he was making noise but wasn't saying anything in particular.

 The Mum who was taking her bath heard the boy screaming but concluded that he will attend to him after taking her bath. So the boy while screaming tried his best, before he now remembered that his Mum was around, so he went and called her, before the Mum rushed to see her daughter, she has sustained severe burns. This woman couldn't hold her tears back because it became clear to her that had it been  she responded on time, she would have saved her daughter from sustaining severe injuries.

From this story, yes the girl didn't die, but a stitch in time would have saved nine.

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