The fear of failure, causes and how to conquer it

Life is full of ups and downs. Nobody wants to embark on a journey that he or she will not benefit anything from. But when we keep on being afraid of trying to do new or old things because we think that we might not make it, that is what is known as the fear of failure. Fear of failure is also known as atychiphobia.

It is a pity that many people have missed important opportunities, because they are afraid or the felt that they will not be a good match. Not only that, others have underestimated their ability in succeeding in a particular career.

What are the causes of the fear of failure?

Fear of failure can be developed as a result of previous failure. Many people have ventured into one thing or the other which later turns out to be unsuccessful, therefore they generalize that they can't succeed again.

Also, some people are surrounded by criticizers, people that demoralizes them and also unsupportive people. Once they want to try a new thing, if those people comes up with their own negative ideas immediately, they succumb to it.

How do you conquer the fear of failure?

All hope is not lost, if you are someone who always gets afraid of failing, know that you are battling with the fear of failure, and therefore those tips are for you;

Have a positive mindset

Just like the saying goes "If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you  dare not, you don't. If you will like to win, but you think you can't, it is almost certain you won't". This clearly explains it all. What you think affects you, it affects your attitude, action or behavior. Let go of those negative thinking and tell yourself that you can make it over and over again.

Don't live on your past failures

Even if you have failed before, that does not mean that you can't succeed again. At times when you try again, you may even perform better. Instead of giving up because you didn't succeed at first, analyze the situation and try to find out the reason why you were not able to make it before and improve on the next try. Failure is a teacher, so you have to learn from it.

Just like when you are in school, or when you are taking exam, if you fail a course, you will be required to repeat the course. Does that mark the end of success for you? The answer is no, because most people perform better in the second resit.

Surround yourself with positive people

Do you know that the company you always keep have a direct influence on your thinking and behavioural pattern? When you always associate with negative people, you hardly think positively. Don't associate so much with those people who will inculcate the fear of failure in you.

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Don't be afraid of trying new things

Stop thinking that you can not perform better in an area or field simply because you have not done that thing before. Try new opportunities, invest your time and put in your best, you may be surprise to see yourself conquering.

When we allow the fear of failure to rule us, we prevent ourselves from achieving greater things. Therefore, don't let the fear of failure to detect the limit which you can reach, learn how to conquer it.

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