I miss you poetry for her or him

Make use of these I miss you poetry for her or him that are sweet and romantic to remind that special person in your life how his/her absence is affecting you. Long distance should not be a barrier for you not to express your feelings to that person. These I miss you poems for him or her will do the job for you. The person you are missing could either be your husband or boyfriend, wife or girlfriend.

1. Let's Stay Together Forever

Ever since you left me and travelled
Am now a walking shadow of myself
No one to tell my fears and worries
I gets annoyed and calms my self 
When I could not,
It lasts for all day.

A life without you feels so lonely
My source of joy and happiness is far away
This is so difficult for me to endure
Please come back to me
I miss you so much.

At times it seems like am dreaming
I have never missed you like this before
I can't wait to behold your face again
And hold you close to my heart
So that we would be together forever.

I miss you poetry for her or him

2.  Counting Days and Weeks

Since that day I  received a call from you
That you are coming back to me soon
I have always been waiting and wishing
For you to make it to be sooner.

I pick up my calendar and try to check
If the date is coming closer
Oh, how unhappy I feel
When I realizes that it is still far away.

If there is anything you can ever do
To make your coming as soon as possible
I will be happy to see it happen
I can't wait to have you by my side again.

It seems that the days are passing by slower
I wish I could turn the hands of clock to be faster
I can't wait to be with you sooner
I'm here counting days and weeks.

I miss you poetry for her or him

3.  I Wish To Miss You No More

If I am meant to make a wish
It would be not to miss you again
Am looking forward to a time
When we would stay together forever
Whatever that will make it possible
For me to achieve my wish
I will not hesitate to do
Please let's make things to get faster
Missing you for long is not easy to bear
Please promise to always be around from now
I wish to miss you no more.

I miss you poetry for her or him

4.  Am Tired of Lonely Nights

I miss you so much my love
I have been feeling so lonely since you left
The night is so calm and cool
Empty spaces is all I see
Please come back and feel your space.

When night starts getting darker
My heart starts trembling in fear
From day to day the feeling gets stronger
I have been through a lot since you left
I miss you so much my heartbeat.

In all I do all I see is you
I can't stop thinking about you
You have stolen my heart
But I am happy that it is with you
I can't wait to be with you again.

I am longing to be with you in a paradise
Where distance will not separate us
I want to always be with you
Because you gives me rest of mind
Am tired of lonely nights.

I miss you poetry for her or him

5.  You are irreplaceable in my life

I have gone far and near
I have been to East, West, North and South
Never have I see anyone like you
You are irreplaceable in my life.

You are a flower that does not grow in every garden
You are a unique specie of your kind
All I wish is to have you always by my side
Never will I let you go.

You are simply special
So charming and endearing
I have never come across a soul like you before
You are all that I need.

You are my anchor and stronghold
Please don't go far away from me
I can't stand loosing or missing you for so long
Come and stay with me forever.

My gentle and kindhearted love
No one can take your place in my life
I will keep on loving you forever
You are irreplaceable in my life.

I miss you poetry for her or him

6.   I Miss You Around Me

Just a night without you around me
Seems to me like it's been ages
I need you always by my side
And I can't lie about it.

When I remember the sweet words
Which you always say to me
I just feel like drawing you closer
So that I can hear more of it.

I miss you more than you can imagine
And I mean it when I say it
You have taken all over me
In a way that no one else has done.

I have been feeling uneasy with myself
Restlessness have become my neighbour
Just try and make it too short
So that I can behold your face again.

Even in the darkest state of the night
Your love still shines around me
You are the one that I would always need
I miss you so much my love.

I miss you poetry for her or him

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