Birthday wishes, funny birthday quotes and messages for brother
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Birthday wishes for brother is an article written for use to appreciate your brother on his birthday. You can use the funny birthday wishes and messages for brother to make him laugh or smile on his birthday. Birthday comes once in a year. It is good for us to use that opportunity to remind our loved ones how much we love and appreciate them, and also pray for more blessings and good things to happen to them. You can go as far as making them to laugh on their birthday by using funny birthday quotes and wishes. You  know your brother very well, so it is left for you to choose the one that suits him.

In this article, you will find;

  • Birthday wishes for brother
  • Birthday messages for brother
  • Funny birthday quotes for brother
  • Birthday wishes for younger brother
  • Birthday wishes for elder brother

Birthday Wishes For Brother

  • Thanks for being my best friend and my greatest companion. Happy birthday to you my brother!

  • I wish you the fulfillment of all your heart desire and above all good health as you celebrate your birthday today.

  • For the great companionship which you have always given me; the unspeakable joy that you always make me feel; the undiluted love you have shown me, I can't trade all these for Gold. Thank you so much my brother and Happy birthday to you.

  • Happy birthday to the World's best brother!

  • I am highly blessed for having a wonderful soul like you as a brother. You inspired me a lot, and I appreciate you highly for that. Happy birthday my dear brother!

  • Because of you I don't need many friends, this is because you are a brother and also a special friend to me. Enjoy your day my lovely brother.

  • Hurray! A special person was born today. A kindhearted person, highly tolerable. Words can not be enough for me to express what you mean to me. Have a nice birthday celebration my brother.

  • Today was so bright, so calm with birds singing and cool breeze everywhere. I wondered what could have brought such a calm and fresh atmosphere. Oh, yes, I recalled that an important person was born today. Who is that important person? My brother! Happy birthday to you!!

  • As you add another year today, may you experience an outpouring of blessings from heaven!

  • The greatest treasure I have is you. I always feel special whenever I remember that I have a great brother like you. I always like to tell people that I have a brother so special and it is you. For all you have done for me and make me feel, I wish you the best! Happy birthday bro!

  • Happy birthday big brother! So funny and accommodating!

  • You are a good brother, and I pray that as you celebrate your birthday today, may good things happen to you.

  • Having you as a brother is among the best thing that have ever happened to me. Happy birthday to you my brother!

  • May you get all you have been longing for as you add another year today. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages For Brother

Birthday wishes, funny birthday quotes and messages for brother
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  • My irreplaceable brother, I pity anyone who does not have a brother like you. I'm so lucky to have you. Happy birthday to you.

  • From today onwards, you will keep on shining bright like a diamond, because that is what you are!

  • I may not be able to put all the best words that describes you down here. I may not be able to express exactly how I feel about you, but have it in mind that you are the best brother, and you have occupied a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you brother.

  • Happy birthday my brother, thanks for being a great source of inspiration to me. Enjoy your day.

  • Do you know that each day I woke up I thank God specially? Ask me why? Because you are my brother. Enjoy your day bro!

  • May unspeakable favour, grace, peace and joy be with you now and always. Happy birthday my brother!

  • The world need more of your type. I believe that with people like you the world will be a better place to live in. You are special and have a wonderful spirit. Happy birthday my brother.

  • Your smile is contagious. Your laughter is heartwarming. You deserve the best. And my prayer for you is that good things will never ceases on your paths. Happy birthday to you.

  • You made my life to be fun filled. No part of my happy memories will be complete without including your name. Continue being you, and may all your ways be as good as you are, Happy birthday to you.

  • To the world most handsome, Sweet and gentle brother. You deserve the best. Happy birthday to you.

  • I have ask myself over and over again, what my life would have been without someone like you. You taught me a lot about life and people. You showed what it means to have someone who cares. As you celebrate your birthday today, may all your wishes come to fulfillment. Happy birthday my brother.

  • With joy, happiness, grateful heart,  I am wishing you the best as you celebrate your birthday today. Happy birthday to you!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Brother

  • If your brother is not as good as mine, then you are missing something!

  • Brother you are getting old, is it not time you consider getting married? I thought when you get old, you get married!

  • Age is just a number, what matters is how well you spend your years.

  • Brother, I thought the said the older you get the richer you become, Let me ask, where is your car?

  • After I calculated your age, and checked mine, I realized that I'm not getting younger anymore!

  • Do not be afraid of old age, the older you become, the more wiser and smarter you will be.

  • I have come to realise that the older you become, the more wiser you will be, no wonder you have been acting wisely lately.

  • You are now a man, stop asking Dad for recharge card money!

  • You are a true representation of "the young shall grow."

  • This one you don't care to look at my face again, is it part of old age?

  • I never knew that old age changes face until I saw you!

  • Is your calendar different? I thought you just celebrated your birthday few months ago!

  • Remember, old vinegar is stronger than new vinegar. That means you are getting stronger as each year goes by.

Birthday Wishes For Younger Brother

  • As you add another year, I promise to always be by your side. Enjoy today because it is your day.

  • I am admiring the man you are growing up to be, protocols have already been broken, you will prosper in all your endeavors as you mark another addition of year today, Happy birthday to you.

  • May you continue to grow in God's abundant grace and favour. Happy birthday my brother.

  • You will attain greater heights. All your dreams and heart desires will come to fulfillment as you add another year today, be assured that you are going places. Happy birthday to you.

  • Happy birthday to my younger brother, don't be afraid as you add another year today, I will always be there for you.

  • For being obedient and diligent, you will be greatly rewarded. Happy birthday to you.

  • Greater height, better opportunities and unspeakable favour will always locate you. Happy birthday to you!

  • Be prepared, starting from now, good news will fill your phone message box.

  • Keep on growing in God's fear. Keep on being the good child that you have always been. Happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Elder Brother

Birthday wishes, funny birthday quotes and messages for brother
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  • Happy birthday to a brother that motivates and inspires me.

  • You mean a lot to me, you showed a lot to me, you proved a lot to me. Life without you as a brother would have been so boring. Happy birthday to my big brother.

  • Happy birthday to an intelligent and simple brother. A brother that possess so many characters worth emulating. Enjoy your day.

  • You are a born leader. I admire the way you coordinate things when our parents are not around. Bear in mind and get ready because you will go places because of this. Happy birthday to you.

  • May God prosper you in all your endeavors. May He always show you His unending love, and grant you all your heart desires.

  • Even if I am ask to choose a brother at any other time, I will not think twice in choosing you. You have shown me what it means to have a good brother, Happy birthday to you.

  • Everyone in the family loves you, everyone is proud of you, you are full of wisdom, understanding and kindness. Happy birthday my big brother!

  • A special brother with a special character, the whole people you have imparted your good  character celebrates you today. Happy birthday to you.

  • Silver and Gold, I have none to give you. But simply, I wish you peace, joy, prosperity, good health now and always. Happy birthday to you!

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