How to read and get high scores in JAMB

A lot of students complain about their inability to obtain high scores in Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination.

Before I go further, I will like to tell those students why JAMB was introduced and later how the should study hard in order to pass it.

JAMB was introduced to test students ability in the the area of their chosen courses and general knowledge in the use of English.

Unlike your Senior School Certificate Examination, which is a combination of both practical, theory and objectives, JAMB is only objective based. Each applicant of JAMB is expected to write 4 papers which constitute of 100 question each, and the combination of the 4 subjects will give 400 questions.

As it is now, polytechnics and universities have their respective scores which you should get in order to gain admission with them or buy their aptitude test forms.

Knowing all these, now the questions is, how should I read in order to pass with flying colors?

 Here are tips to guide you;

Revise what you were taught in Secondary School

Don't expect something totally different from what you were taught in Secondary School. No matter how twisted the question may look, it is based on what you were taught in your Secondary School. If you actually understood what you were taught in these subjects you want to take in JAMB in your secondary school, no that you will do better in JAMB, but if there is any topic that you didn't understand properly, go and revise them so that you can still make it up.

Read and solve JAMB past questions

You can get JAMB compiled past questions on each subject from bookshops and also in the market. Just like every other Exam, sometimes JAMB repeats past questions, even if they don't you will have an idea of the structure of their questions. Solve the questions there, crosscheck their answers, sometimes similar questions may also come from the topics in the questions you solved.

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Make use of JAMB syllabus

When you  register for JAMB, they will give you a hard copy of their syllabus, if they don't give you a hard copy, you can still download and print it online. This syllabus have been streamlined to guide you know the areas and topics that you should study, so don't fail to get it and make use of it.

Enroll for lesson

Their are lesson centres which specializes in teaching and solving JAMB questions based on their syllabus, find such centres and enroll in one, this will not also prevent you from reading on your own, also after attending these lessons, revise what you were taught there.

Divide your time

Make out time for each subject, you can construct a timetable that will guide you know the subject to read at each point in time, this will enable you to give proper attention to each subject.

After reading, test yourself

Have an exercise book and pen around you, you can set questions for yourself or ask someone to help you do this, this will improve your ability and also help you to identify the areas that you need to put more efforts.

You can join or form a reading group

Find people that are taking the same subjects with you, read together with them, you can make a discussion based on what you people have read, share ideas and solve problems, sometimes it easier to understand more through this method.

Avoid distraction

This is not a joking period, so I will advise to avoid anything that will make you not to devout time to your study, is it social media? minimize it, events? reduce it, you will have enough time for all these once you are through with your exams.

JAMB will not be hard for you if you follow all these steps. Feel free to make enquiries and ask questions if you need help.
You can also visit JAMB website directly at;

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