Why reading is important for students

If you are a student or once a student you will quite agree with me that there are two categories of students; those who read and those who rely on those who read.

But I want to let you know that if you are a student, reading is not optional but compulsory and also part of the reason why you are a student. 

Here are the top reasons why you should read;

Reading gives you a further proof of what you have learnt

After attending a lecture, sometimes, it may look as if you have listened to a story which may or may not be true, but when you read and carry out researches, you will understand what you were taught more.

Reading makes you versatile

When you read widely, you will gain more knowledge over your peers and counterparts. Go to the library or any other place,pick up books and read, at your leisure time, you can pick up those that are not related to your field of study. You may not know the advantage of it now, but when you finish your academics and go for an interview, that is when you know that it was a great choice.

Reading as a student adds to your vocabulary

You don't always need to read the dictionary for you to learn new words. When you are reading any book, if you discover any new word, you can contact your dictionary, this new word will always stick to your memory because you have read something related to it.

You will pass your exams in flying colours

When you read and assimilate what you read very well, you will not be confused when you enter into the examination hall. You will have the confidence and be able to answer your examination questions very well.

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You will attract good students to yourself

"Like attracts like". If your fellow students discovers that you are a brilliant students who likes to read, those that also like to read will like to associate with you so that you can read together and share ideas.

Don't even wait for someone to remind you to read, form it as a habit, do it steadily and you will see yourself excelling in your academics.

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