How to prepare for exam

Exam period can be an interesting aspect of study. It is a time when the learner is expected to display or show what he has learnt. It can also be called an "output period" of learning.

When it comes to reading for exam, each person has his or her own approach. If you stay where students are preparing or reading for exam you will observe some of these approaches.

However, whatever approach you may choose to take, ensure that it will be the one that will yield good result because I believe that anybody reading for exam has a mindset to pass and not to fail, but care needs to be taken so as to achieve better result, in this case, any approach that is not helping you, is not a crime for you to choose another approach.

Here are some salient points that I know will help someone who is reading or preparing  for exam.

Always make sure that you have updated your note,acquired the necessary textbooks or materials needed for the exam

This I believe will save someone preparing for an exam from embarrassment which can occur when you enter an examination hall and discover a question that you don't know should be part of your study.

Start reading before the exam timetable comes out

 To avoid reading under pressure or being tensed during exam period especially if you have many things to read, start   reading early, so that during exam, you will be revising and this will make you to understand what you are reading more and to be more relaxed too.

Try to know your best time and suitable place for reading

When it comes to this, we have individual differences. Some people prefer to read at a particular point in time, and to be frank, this is the time the understand what the are reading more. Reading places also differ from individual to individual. Some people may choose to read inside their room where they won't see anybody, others may prefer to read in an open place where they will be seeing people, is left for you to find out which of these conditions works best for you.

Have an additional note for jotting fundamental points

Am recommending this because I know it works for many people. This will help you to make a summary, and to easily remember some points when it seems you have forgotten it.

When you are tired,don't force your self further, rather give your self a break

 If you get tired while reading, don't force yourself , but try to take a break, as this will relax your brain, and get it ready for your next phase of reading.

You can choose reading mates

This I know does not work for everybody, but if it works for you continue with it. After reading a topic, try to discuss it with your reading mates as this will make you retain and understand it more.

If you can't understand any part,try and find the solution before the exam time

 Nobody knows it all. Therefore if there is something you are not understanding while reading, do not be shy to find someone who knows it for better explanation.

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