Anger effects and how to control it

When someone offends us or when we are offended by a particular situation, we try as much as possible to express our annoyance. At times, it becomes difficult for us to choose how to react to these situations. According to Longman Dictionary " anger is a strong feeling of wanting to hurt or criticize  someone because they have done something bad to you or been unkind to you."

Anger is an innate character in every human being. Irrespective of how our anger tends to control us, we can still choose on how to react to situations if we take it as a task. Uncontrolled anger has various negative effects when it is continually present in an individual.

                      Effects of anger

           It makes someone to age faster

When you gets angry and try to express it, the muscles in your face stretches, which makes the face to shrink and easily gets weak. If you are someone who always gets angry and reacts to almost every situation that you are not comfortable with in an aggressive way, know that you are bound to appear older than your age.

It can lead to cardiovascular and other heart related diseases

Arteries and veins which pumps blood to the heart and away from the heart respectively are directly affected when we gets angry. So, the presence of too much anger can lead to high blood pressure or low blood pressure.

It can lead to a regrettable action

When you are angry, and decides to express it you can take an action that you will regret later. Some people have committed murder and other offences as a result of too much anger.

It will affect your relationship with others

Most people may not like to associate with someone who  cannot manage or control his or her anger. It will drive people away from you because they know that one day, the may be affected.

It can affect your brain

Excessive anger may lead to brain damage, because all the actions that are involved is being recorded in the brain. This can lead to depression, mental disorder and even suicidal thoughts.

How too much anger can be controlled

Having known the effects of anger, another thing is also to know how we can control. Despite the fact  anger is innate, but still we can choose on how to express it.

  • Avoid things, people places and situations that provokes you.
  • When you are trying to get angry, try to remember things that will make you happy.
  • Read motivational and inspirational books.
  • Associate with people who who will help you control your anger instead of provoking it.
  • Always meet a psychologist when you can no longer handle it.

Expressing our anger is not bad,but the most important thing is knowing how to manage or control it so that it will not harm us.

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