It is important to know that you can build or destroy with your words. You can wound and also heal with your words. Before you talk, check the gravity of your words. Don't talk anything that enters your brain. Choose your words, stop causing emotional injuries to people with your words, rather let your words be filled with blessings, praises, words of encouragement and advice.

Crack jokes when necessary, stop cracking unnecessary jokes because you might be hurting someone with your jokes. Always mind how and  where to talk. Your words can either earn you respect or disrespect.

Remember, God created the world with words. That is to show you the "power in the tongue".

Don't let people see you as a noise maker with your words, rather let your words be qualitative, so that each time you want to speak, people will be eager to listen to you. If you talk too much, people will always predict your next line of action.

Learn self control. Control your tongue, and don't let your tongue to control you. Don't display your aggressiveness or annoyance in an environment where you are not supposed to do so (transferred aggression ). Always try and monitor your words at this time.

When you want to correct someone, do so politely and not violently, otherwise the person may misunderstand you, thinking that you are trying to be harmful.

At home, mind your words, in the office or business area, communication is needed,don't hurt people with your words. Your words can either draw people or chase people away from you. It can increase or decrease the number of your friends or enemies.

If you are someone who always misuse your words, people will avoid telling you their secret or problems, because they will always avoid how you will react with your words.

A lot of people have gone astray, some have committed suicide, some are depressed because of what the were told.
 So, I think that the proper usage of word should be learnt, if you don't know, and practiced at all times.

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