Top leadership qualities that leaders should emulate

Here is an article on great leadership qualities to guide leader who wants to impact positivity on those he/she is ruling.
When you take a look at the characters and behaviors of some of our leaders, you will clearly understand that their leadership styles differs, while some are considerate, some prove not to be. Then one maybe prompted to ask; What is leadership? Leadership is the capacity of someone to lead others; having or occupying the position as a leader of a group, organization etc. Here are great leadership qualities that are marks of a good leader.

1. Purpose and direction

Leaders without purpose and direction tends to be pushed in directions that leads to nowhere. A vision less leader does not inspire his followers but rather leaves them clueless with the attendant result of wandering, bickering and destroying one another.

2. Honesty

This is one of the most important leadership qualities. A true leader should be someone who can be trusted with his words. If you are honest, your followers and subordinates will be sincere when dealing with you.

3. Approachability and decisiveness

Some leaders have proved to be difficult to approach, fears makes their followers to simply stay away from them as their presence drives chills down their spine. As a leader, you should posses a sense of humor and always make yourself approachable to your followers. You should also be decisive, show them that you have the power to determine the outcome of an issue or situation.

4. Communication and good listening

Top leadership qualities that leaders should emulate

A good leader should be a good communicator who is ready to pass information to the people he is leading at all times. He should be willing to hear feedbacks. Good listening has to do with the disposition of the leader to give undivided attention to the complaints, opinions or issues raised by others for the good of all.

5. Inspire and mentor others

You should be able to provide experience and instructions to your followers so that they will develop fully. Know that your followers are looking up to you, you should always stay positive so as to be a source of inspiration to them. Self- serving leadership always lead to failure.

6. Creativity

This is also an important leadership quality. If you are a leader, don't live only on  what you inherited from your predecessors, rather create your own ideas, put them into action and ensure that these ideas yields a positive result.

7. Committed

A good leader should be committed to his duties. Always show a sign of seriousness when carrying out your duties. Note that they way you handle your own tasks is the way your followers and subordinates will also handle theirs.

8. Compassion and slow to anger

Leadership qualities entails great compassion. A good leader should be kind and also slow to anger. With a Shepherd attitude of compassion, easily forgive even in the worst situation.

9. Delegation and support

Top leadership qualities that leaders should emulate

As a leader, you cannot do it all alone, you need people to do other tasks for you. Form a great team, delegate tasks to them, support them with all the necessary things needed to accomplish those tasks.

10. Accountability

A good leader should always be ready to be accountable for his actions, and your subordinates should also be accountable for their own actions. Set a good example. Make them aware of their mistakes and ensure that they achieve a better result.

11. Humility and peace making

This leadership characteristics enhances smooth leadership. It prevents conflicts wherever it exist. A good leader should be a great peacemaker and also be humble.

12. Just

A good leader should be just and fair in whatever he is doing. Always be ready to pervert injustice.

In conclusion, if you are a leader, know that the power and authority being conferred on you is for you to provide great leadership at any level you find yourself, do not use your power to oppress others.

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