Signs to show that your relationship will lead to marriage

I know that  most women who are of marriageable age are all looking forward to hearing this question in their relationship " Will you marry me?".When you are of marriageable age and you are in a relationship as a lady, you have to be always careful and read the handwriting on the wall, this is because some ladies have wasted their useful age with the wrong person.

There are lots of instances whereby a lady will be in a relationship with a man thinking that she is the chosen one, without knowing that she is the side chick, and the main chick is hanging somewhere. Some men will go to the extent of hiding this type of secret from such ladies till their wedding day with the other lady.

How do you avoid wasting your time in a relationship that will not lead to marriage?

When you are in a relationship, there are signs that you need to watch out for that will tell you whether your relationship will lead to marriage or not. These are some of the major signs;

1. He will not like to take you to see his family and relatives

If you are in a relationship as a lady, and your man have never for once taken you to see any of his family members or relatives, to me, most especially his parents if they are alive, know that the likelihood of both of you getting married is not feasible. Any man who is serious to marry you will like to introduce you to his family, unless the man is not in good terms with his family.

2. He will  hide his plans from you

If you are in a relationship with a man who does not tell you his plans, know very well that you are still single and keep searching. Any man who is serious to marry you will tell you his plans and also seek your advice.

3. He is only interested in sex

Know that some men who are after having sex with you, may not marry you. They only see you as a sex mate. With time, when he is tired, he may leave you for another person.

4. He does not help or care for you will  to achieve your goals

When you see yourself in a relationship, where your man does not care about your goals and ambitions, it is an indication of danger. Every man will like his wife to be great and successful and will like to help in anyway he can.

5.When talking about the future, he doesn't include you

Does he always use the word, " I will do this in future? " When he does not mention of doing anything with you in future, see it clearly that he is still uncertain whether your relationship will lead to marriage or not.

6. He will not like you to meet his real friends

Pay attention very well, sometimes, you may think that he is introducing you to his real friends, without knowing that it is only casual friends. Because, some men knows fully well that introducing you to their real friends may expose their secrets.

7. How does he introduce you

Also be attentive to know whether he places any importance on you when introducing you to anybody. What does he refer you as? This will help you to know where your relationship is heading to.

8. He does not like to be seen with you in public

Sometimes, when you are in a relationship with a man who will always like you people to meet in a hidden place, know that he maybe hiding something from you. When he feels uncomfortable walking with you in public, it is a clear sign that your relationship will not lead to marriage.

9. He doesn't have plans of meeting with your people

Every man who will like to spend the rest of his life with you, will make plans and also be excited to meet your people. Watch his reaction when you are talking about your people. Does he seem to be uninterested? If yes, then you need to be careful because such relationship may not lead to marriage.

10. Does he encourage you to dress indecently?

Most men who will like you to be their wife will not encourage you to overexpose you body, because this will not bring respect to them when they eventually marry you in future.

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