What is the right age to get married for both men and women?

I often hear people say that their mates are getting married, and because of that, they will definitely get married within that time. Then, my question is;
"Should it be so? Should we get married because our age mates are getting married? Or, Should we wait till our own appropriate time? Let's continue!

Some people have been pushed to get married by their parents, friends and relatives  with their age mates when they are not prepared to do so, which sometimes results to them marrying someone that is not their choice.

Let me share my experience. I went to one shop to buy something one day, I overhead two women discussing, the other woman was telling her friend how she "washed" her daughter before coming out this morning. She went ahead to tell her that she told her daughter that her mates are getting married everyday, and she is  still here with her, and therefore she is giving her this year to find her own man or be ready to face whatever she sees.

I was flabbergasted. A lot of thoughts came into my mind.  "What is this woman trying to do? Is she sending her daughter out for "husband hunting "? What if she falls into  wrong hands? Will she also be there to bear the pains with her?

When should you marry?

Please!  Please!! Marriage does not have any specific date. Some get married at their younger age and enjoys it,while others get married at their older age and enjoys it too. Marry when you are matured and prepared to do so. Note also,that there is a difference between age and maturity, you can be of age, but not matured. What I am talking about here is " Maturity of the mind".

According to one counselor, "Marriage is an institution that does not have a graduation date". So now,the question is, Are you ready to enter into this institution?. It may not be rosy as it appears. It comes with its own challenges. Are you ready to handle those challenges maturely?

You own your mind, and you know when you are ready, nobody can decide for you. Do not let anybody rush you into getting married when you are not prepared to do so, as they will not be there to bear any challenge that may arise.

However, when you have many people you are considering for marriage, calm down and make your choice.

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I know ladies are mostly being pressurized because of menopause, as a lady, you need to put this into consideration too if you want to have children of your own in your marriage, it is left for you to decide.

As a man, Are you ready to to take care of the responsibilities associated with being the head of the family? You should be prepared and make provision for taking care of your family.

Examine yourself and the person you want to marry very well. Don't be pushed to marry someone whom you don't like to avoid regrets.

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