How to end a toxic relationship

A relationship is said to be "toxic" when it is detrimental to any partner. A toxic relationship is an unhealthy relationship. It is a relationship capable of
ruining ones life if caution is not applied. 

There is no need to be in a relationship that you are not comfortable with. Maybe, both of you have started seeing things in a different way, have unrelated goals or there is a dispute which have proved to be difficult for you people to settle, and as such,the relationship is no longer comfortable.

Whatever the case maybe, great care should be taken when ending such relationship so that it does not end in a violent way.

Toxic relationship has a lot of negative effects on the life of the individuals involved. It can lead to emotional injury and also deprives the person of having a relaxed mind.

I will advise that such relationship should not end in a brutal way, rather try to end such relationship amicably. There are many ways to do this depending on the method you like.

 Here are tips that will help know how to end such relationship;

Tell your partner the need to end the relationship

Explain to your partner the need and reasons why you think that your relationship should come to an end. So that both of you will agree and end the relationship peacefully.

You can get him or  her informed through friends or relatives

 This is another way you can end a toxic relationship. Ask those who is close to the person to inform him or her that you are tired of such relationship and have chosen to end it.

Avoid communication

 This is sometimes recommended, but it does not always work very well because it keeps the person in suspense and he or she may not be able to read the handwriting on the wall.

Avoid your likely meeting place

 You can avoid visiting the places that both of you will be likely to meet so as not to give room for further negotiation at moment.

All these measures can be applied when you have tried your best to set things right, but it seems not to be working. 

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