Make good first impression

As the saying goes" first impression matters a lot".What is this trying to tell us? This means that they way you present yourself to someone on your first encounter is very important and it is something that you should always be very mindful of.

People often take this for granted. But I must tell you that once an impression is created, it is very difficult to erase,especially when it is a wrong impression. Creating a positive first impression matters in all you do. Some people have missed better opportunities as a result of negative impression the created somewhere or at a particular time, and such impression created may not have a second chance given to be corrected.

Here are great tips to guide you in making a positive first impression

Always be honest and truthful: Try to be honest and truthful in whatever you do as you may not know when you are creating a negative first impression about yourself. Let's take for instance, someone came to buy something from you,and you cheated the person by collecting an amount greater than the normal price of what the thing is being sold because the person is unaware of the normal price, later the person discovers that you have cheated him or her. Do you think that the person will like to buy something from you again?  If you continue creating a negative first impression, it will greatly affect your business in a negative way. Be honest, because honesty is the best policy and also build a high level of trust in whatever you do.

Respect people and avoid being rude at all times: The way you talk to people on your first encounter speaks a volume about you. Do not be rude to people you meet on your way, rather try to speak gently.  I want to also explain this using another instance. It happens that you are going for an interview, unfortunately, you don't know that the person sitting next to you in the in the taxi you boarded is the interviewer, and he or she politely asked you to adjust, instead of you adjusting, you ruined insults on the person, on reaching the interview venue, you discover that it is the person that will interview you. What will be your fate? This may cost you that opportunity because the interviewer is now fully aware of your character and may not like to hire you. So always speak gently and be polite at all times.

Help people even those whom you don't know: Anywhere you are, be always willing to offer a helping hand in any way you can because such impression can earn a great fortune for you. Someone you help at one time may remember you at anytime and decides to reward you.

Dress decently: Always dress decently and smartly as people who may meet you once when you are indecently or shabbily dressed may not have the opportunity to see you again, and may conclude that you always dress like that, in this way you have made a negative first impression which you can't take back.

When you have a task or presentation, prepare very well for it: You might be a brilliant person and you are given a topic to practice for presentation, and you refuse to practice it, on the day of the presentation your performance was bad, in this case you have created a negative  impression,and some of your audience may not have the opportunity to see you again when you will practice and perform better. They will think that you are not intelligent, and this can make you loose opportunities.

Acknowledge whatever that is given to you at any point in time: Do not be ungrateful, rather be appreciative of whatever someone gives you. At times,when you make a negative first impression by refusing to acknowledge what has been given to you, the person may not like to give you again next time.

Always keep to time: When you have an appointment, always try to meet up, thus you may not be aware that someone took notice of your punctuality, and may recommend you for better opportunities in future.

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