How to avoid being rushed in the morning

Morning period seems to be the most hectic to some people most especially those who need to get up early in the morning to undertake their various assignments and engagements.

For those with kids, you will agree with me that much is expected from you,as you have to get prepared and set things right not only for yourself but also for the entire family.

For you to enjoy your morning if you have tasks to accomplish ,you must plan and set things out in


You can control being rushed in the morning with the following tips;

SET THINGS OUT BEFORE THE MORNING OF THAT DAY: Try and arrange the things you are going to do in the morning, in the day or in the night, depending when it will be convenient for you. For instance, if you want to cook, arrange all the things needed for the cooking, if you have kids to take care of, put all their things within reach.

EARLY TO BED IS EARLY TO RISE: For you to be able to wake up early and be strong, you need to go to bed early, so as to be able to wake up and carry out your early morning tasks effectively.

START FROM THE MOST TIME CONSUMING TASK: Choose the tasks that will take more time and start from it, so that even if you get choked up with time, you can easily do the less time consuming ones.

BE TIME CONSCIOUS: Always check your time to know if you need to improve your speed,don't relax because you came out early, as time waits for no one.

COMPLETE EACH TASK BEFORE GOING OVER TO THE NEXT: To avoid having so many uncompleted tasks, I will advice that you finish every task you started. I know this can work for some people, while others will like to be doing many tasks at the same time,whichever works for you, always check your time.

DO IT WITH JOY: Don't see your see your early morning tasks as a punishment, rather try to enjoy every aspect of it, make it a part of your normal routine as this will give you more strength in order to finish on time.

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