Avoid online distraction

Technological advancement in the world today have brought about the development of interesting online applications and sites. The world of internet have been a source of great knowledge and also a cure to boredom. A good example is the social media which has gained so much popularity and which a lot of people can't go a day without logging in to it.

Though the internet have a lot of benefits, caution should be taken so that it does not affect other facets of our life. A lot of people are being carried away especially during working hours, when they are supposed to face their official duties. The excessive use of the internet at work can lower the level of productivity especially when it is not related to the work being done at that moment.

In order to avoid excessive use of the internet during working hours, both the employer and employee should be involved. But i think that greater part of the control can be achieved by the individual involved. 

Some of the steps which can be taken are:

During official work, turn off notifications: Notifications for different applications and sites can be turned off. You can make use of "Do not disturb" settings. You can also completely turn off notifications by using the block all settings.

Turn off your cell phone or put it on silent: I know it is not everybody that can endure or avoid being tempted to  press or look at any slightest blink of light or noise. It is recommended that you completely switch off your phone or put it on silent mode. 

Discover your most time consuming site and work on it: There is a site or application that you are mostly addicted to, you can use internet tracker to discover this, because it will help you to know where to check your excesses and take precaution.

Make sure you complete the task you started on the site you visit most: This can lead to distraction because your mind will keep on telling you to go and complete the unfinished task.

Don't use your office online service for any other purpose: Don't be tempted to use your office online service as this will make you to be visiting the internet at every slightest opportunity.

You can ask a colleague to monitor you: If you have tried all these methods, but still find yourself devoting more time online, you can ask someone to monitor and call you to order when you deviate.

In order to effectively achieve this also, the employer should have a monitoring team that will  go round unexpectedly to check defaulters.

employer should also make use of software that will monitor the daily internet usage of staff during working hours and such report should be presented at the end of each week or month for further action.

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