Signs of a toxic relationship and what you should do

It is good to be in a relationship where you experiences peace of mind, a relationship where you will be secured, highly valued and respected. I believe no one will have the mindset of entering into a relationship with the opposite.

No matter how careful you are in selecting whom to enter into a relationship with, things can sometimes get sour. During the on set of relationship, most of  the ugly characters possessed by the individuals may not manifest, but as time goes on, you may begin to notice some of these negative signs which are characteristics of a toxic relationship.

What is a toxic relationship?

This is a type of relationship which features negative attitudes and forms of abuses, ranging from physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

What are the top signs of a toxic relationship?

As the name implies, any relationship that you are not comfortable with, is toxic to you. So you need to be careful and always watch out for the warning signs which are;


Toxic relationship is characterized by forms of abuses such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse as I earlier listed.

  • Emotional abuse; Emotional abuse can be a product of verbal abuse and other undesirable attitudes. Do you know that sometimes words kills faster than bullets? Do you find yourself in a relationship where your partner constantly abuses you? Are you in a relationship where your partner uses your secrets and weak points to humiliate you?  Know that such relationship is not healthy but rather toxic to you. Emotional injury can be disastrous to your health, so try to avoid such relationship.

  • Physical abuse; This is one of the dangerous form of abuses that can exist in a toxic relationship. When you find yourself in a relationship where your partner does not see it as an offence to hit you either with an object or bare hands, don't wait for someone to tell you to quit before quitting. Some people have lost their lives while nursing injuries sustained as a result of physical abuse from their relationship, so you should take note and do not be a victim.

  • Sexual abuse; Most people are in a relationship where they being forced by their partner to  have intercourse with them whether they like it or not. You don't need to be in such a relationship because it can lead you into an unwanted pregnancy, abortion and contacting of sexually transmitted diseases.

Lack of trust

Your relationship should be built on a foundation of trust, when trust is lacking, suspicion sets in. Suspicion in a relationship can be toxic because your partner may no longer have confidence in you and suspect every of your move. If you try your best to restore this trust and is is not working, you need to quit such a relationship.

When your partner becomes over domineering

Don't be in a relationship with someone who will not like you to express yourself, someone who will always like you to accept whatever he or she says, and not ready to hear your own suggestion. This type of relationship will demean and also devalue you, avoid such a relationship so that you will have freedom.

Nagging partner

Your partner constantly finds fault in whatever you do, even when you try to please him or her, yet he or she complains. Stop wasting your time trying to please such a partner  because it is said that " A fault finder will find fault even in heaven "  Stop over stressing yourself because nagging is a habit in some people which is very difficult for such individuals who possesses it to stop.

Lying partner

Your partner told you that he or she is going to a particular place, but later you went there and discovered that he or she didn't come, on meeting again your partner still inform you that he visited the area. You know how annoying this can be. Personally, I believe that any person that can lie to you is not your friend, and can even harm you, avoid such by person.

Aggressive partner

Do you know the danger of being in a relationship with an aggressive partner? It can lead to both physical and emotional abuse. You will gradually become a sadist if you are in a relationship with an aggressive person. Your happiness will gradually fade if care is not taken, and note also that aggressiveness is contagious.

You're unable to resolve issues among yourselves

When you have started bringing in a third party in your relationship, it an indication of great danger in your relationship, as time goes on, every issue must be settled by a third party, this is bad because it will expose your weaknesses and make your relationship a laughing stock and you may no longer be comfortable in such a relationship.

Any help on how to fix?

It is said that every individual has his or her own flaws, try as much as possible to talk to your partner on fixing those things which are making your relationship to be toxic, wait for his or her response, and continue monitoring if he or she is not willing to change, I will advise you to quit before it becomes too late or you become greatly wounded.

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