Age With Grace Happy birthday wishes, Messages and Quotes

Age with grace is a special birthday wish or message that you should send to your friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, lover or any other person. Pray for them that they may age with all the good things that life can offer.

Happy birthday age with grace can also be send to your loved ones as quotes, printed in birthday cards and any other means that you may wish to send it across to that person.

Here, you will find;
Happy birthday Age with grace messages

Happy Birthday Age with grace quotes
Happy Birthday age with grace wishes

Happy Birthday Age with Grace Messages

 1. As you add another year today, you will shine through the gloom, you will continue to triumph in all that you do, the good Lord will continue to abide with you. Age with grace.

2. Happy birthday to you my love, In all that you do, there will be hope for you to grasp, you will always gain the light to prosper and win the glory at last. Age with grace.

3. May the morning always awaken for your sake, the shadows shall flee for your sake, in fullness of his grace shall you always rejoice. Age with abundant grace.

4. As you mark the addition of another year today, you shall always wear a crown of victory in whatever that you do, all the ways that you shall take henceforth shall be brightened with an everlasting light. Age with grace.

5. May you always occupy that place which your heart eagerly expects, you shall continue to be succesful and prosperous in all your dealings. Age with massive grace.

6. Happy Birthday to you my dear friend, my wish for you today is that the Lord will grant you the joy which brightens earthly sorrows, he will grant you the peace which calms all earthly strife, you will continue to dwell in his eternal love and life. Age with grace.

7. You will continue to receive the unending blessings of the Most High, you will be blessed beyond measure in all that you do. Age graciously.

8. As you add another year today, darkness will not be dark for you, you will see the light that will always lead you through in all that you do. Age with grace.

9. May the grace and boundless love of God always be with you, you shall continue to be a partaker of his his unending grace. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday Age With Grace Wishes

10. Your addition of another year shall bring to you the outpouring of blessings now and every passing hour. The Lord will be your guide and guardian in all that you do, you will always excel in all your dealings. Age with grace.

11. The good Lord will cheer your way with perpetual rays, his love and favour will be with you always, he will grant you an eternal peace so that pains and sorrows shall always be far from you. Age with abundant grace.

12. All that you were not able to achieve in your previous years, you will surely achieve as you mark the addition of another year today. Age with grace.

13. May the Lord of life below and above, whose light is love and love is warmth grant you all your heart desires. Happy birthday to you.

14. As you add another year today, songs of praise and thanksgiving shall never depart from your mouth, you will have many course to rejoice in your coming years. Age with abundant grace.

15. May the Almighty God clothe you with his love, uphold you with his truth, and like the eagle, renew the vigor of your youth. Age with grace.

16. Your new age will be sickness free, every form of sickness in your life shall be completely healed. Happy birthday to you. Age in good and sound health. 

17. You shall always dwell in safety, no form of harm shall befall you. Age with massive grace.

18. Happy Birthday to you. May the Lord keep on guiding you to walk aright, He shall guide your going out and coming in, He will always lead you to the places where you will always find favour. Age with grace.

19. May the Lord be your defender, redeemer and friend. May you continue to dwell in his tender loving mercies. May all your remaining years be filled with great joy and happiness. Age with everlasting grace.'

Happy Birthday Age with Grace Quotes

20. Happy Birthday to you, May the love of God be your strength and stay, may he be your strength when you are weak and may He never allow your heart to slumber. Age with grace.

21. The God who reigns on high shall protect and guide you in all the ways that your feet shall tread on. He will continue to show you the wonders of his grace. Happy Birthday to you.

22. May you continue to blossom and flourish like leaves on the tree, may nothing ever dim or quench your light as you add another year today. Age with grace.

23. You shall be filled with the rich and eternal grace of the Almighty God, you shall always be safe in your dwelling place and the grace of the Lord shall never depart from your life. Happy Birthday to you.

24. All your need shall be bountifully supplied, you shall never be in need or want, all that your heart desires, you shall surely get. Age with grace.

25. May all your plans and purposes ripen fast and unfold every hour, no matter how hard the wind blows, it shall never get near you. Age with massive grace.

26. Your beauty shall never fade with ages, you shall continue to glow and shine forever. Happy Birthday to you.

27. May your cup always overflow with the goodness and mercies of the Lord. Happy Birthday to you. Age with grace.

28. Happy birthday to you, have the best of birthday celebration.

29. As you add another year today, favor and breakthrough shall always be your portion. Age with massive grace.

30. Your new age is already blessed, great achievements and accomplishments awaits you. Age with grace.

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