Things to say to your Best friend to make them cry

Things to say to your best friend -
There are friends who plays a great role in our life and they deserve to be appreciated. Your best friend will always be by your side no matter the situation, therefore, do not fail to let your best friend to know how happy you are having him/her as a part of your life. Chose emotional words to communicate exactly the way you feel to your friend.

These things that you can say to your best friend can either come as a message or quote. Form it as a habit to let them know how much you love them.

Things to say to your best friend to make them cry

 1. You are the best thing that ever happened to me

Telling your best friend this is letting him or her know how lucky you are to have him or her in your world. You are letting your best friend know that he/she is a goodnews to your life. It feels so good knowing that someone sees you as a part of his or her life that's why your friend will be happy to hear this.

2. I have many friends but you are my best friend

Yes, you may have other friends but there is a reason why you have chosen this person as your best friend. It is good to let him/her know that he is not just your friend but also your best friend. This means that he/she is the best among the rest and you also hold him/her in high esteem.

3. You make my world go round

There are friends who cares about your happiness and also knows how to make you happy while there are others who don't care. A true friend will always make sure that you are happy and will never be comfortable leaving you in an unhappy state. It is good to appreciate that friend who makes sure that you are happy always.

 4. I bless the day I met you

It is good to let your best friend know that you are so lucky to be with him/her. The day that you came in contact with him or her is a day that you will never forget in a hurry.

5. I can catch a grenade for you

This simply means telling your friend that you can go extra miles for him/her. You can do all that you can for him/her. Don't just say it, but also be ready to prove it when the time comes.

6. You are beautiful/handsome both in and out

This means that apart from the stunning physical qualities that your best friend has, he/she has admirable inner qualities. This may include the way he/she behaves, talks, reason and other qualities.

7. You are my incomparable friend

You may have had other friends, but saying this to your best friend means that he/she is the best among the rest, that is among the things that makes him a special and best friend.

8. I love being around you

Yes, this a great indication that you truly loves the company of your friend. You don't get tired of being around him/her.

9. Thanks for helping me get to the level that I thought was difficult for me initially

There are some friends whose mouth are filled with words of encouragement and motivation. They may either be directly or indirectly responsible for helping you to achieve your goals, such friends deserves "kudos", therefore do not waste time in giving it to them.

10. I will do all that it takes to make you feel happy

When someone is trying as much as possible to put a smile on your face, it is also good for you to reciprocate this gesture. Telling your best friend that you will try as much as possible to make him/her smile will make your friend love you more and bring the both of you more closer to each other.

11. I love the way that you love me

For you to have chosen this person as your best friend, there is something that he/she does that you can't forget in a hurry. Is it the way that he treats you, takes care of you or any other thing? Letting him or her know about those things and appreciating him/her or not bad idea.

12. You will be my best friend till eternity

These words are great indication that you have fully welcomed him/her in your space with your whole heart and that you are ready to be with your best friend forever. This shows a high level of commitment and dedication, therefore, don't just utter it but make sure that it is coming from the bottom of your heart.

13. I will always provide a shoulder for you to lean on

You need to let your bestfriend know that you are ready to be with him/her in thin and in thick. You are ready to wipe away his/her tears, you are ready to walk with him/her both in rainy and stormy weathers. Saying this to your best friend will definitely make him/her cry. Remember, don't just say it but also do it.

14. We are inseparable

These are words of assurance, no matter how careful you are in a relationship, issues can arise but what really matters is how those issues are handled so that they don't lead to a breakup. Best friends settles issues among them amicably. Saying this to your friend means that you are both compatible and therefore you will make sure that nothing can come in between the both of you.

15. I love you more than words can explain

This words indicates that the love that you have for your best friend is immeasurable. Your love for your best friend is beyond the expression through mere words. These words means that you have a great love for your friend.

16. You are simply amazing

Here, you are letting your friend know how wonderful he or she is. It means that he/she does things that you are so proud. These words will surely sweeps your best friend off his/her feet.

17. I love everything about you

It means that you values and loves everything about your friend. You are comfortable with who he/she is and everything about him/her.

18. A world without you as friend would have been boring for me

You want your friend to know how fascinating and interesting him/she has made your world to be.

19. I love the way that we fitted perfectly into each other's life

This means that you love way both of you are getting along with each other, in other words, it means you are compatible.

20. My life will be incomplete without you

This is simply letting your friend know that he is so important to your world.

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