Emotional Love Letters for him that will melt his heart

Emotional love letters for him that will melt his heart -
To love is a beautiful thing and to be loved right gives an irresistible feeling. When you have found that soulmate who have continuously shown you his undiluted love always make sure that you send love letters for him from the heart. It gives a great feeling to be appreciated by the one that your heart truly welcomes.

Are you still dating or married? There is no barrier for the expression of the love that you have for him. Love letters for him is a simple way to do that. What are those things that he has been doing for you that makes you feel that he is the best? Go ahead and let him know how much you value those things, it will make him to keep on doing them in order to make you feel happy and loved. There is no limit to the number of times that you will send him such messages. Use the right words that will touch his heart, you know those words that he loves to hear, say it to him and still look for more sweet words.

The feeling of loves gradually fades as a result of lack of appreciation, do make it a part of you to remind him that you also love him too. No matter the age of your relationship or union, it is neccessary to shower him with words of love and praises. Use romantic words in your love letter for him to sweep him off his feet.

Emotional love letters for him that will melt his heart

 1. You are always in my mind

Hi Sweetest,

Don't think that I can ever stop thinking about you, don't also think that I can ever stop loving you. I have truly welcomed you in my life. Even when you are not around me, I always feel and think about you. The thought of you always feels my heart with a great feeling that I can't imagine. In you, I found a soulmate, a friend and aslo a lover. Every time spent with you is always special andf unforgettable. I hope you realize how much I love and care about you. I love you so much and I mean every bit of it. You are always in my mind and I am so glad to have you as mine.

2. Do you know why I love?


I have more than a million reasons why I have chosen you to be the love of my life. Our being together did not happen by chance but it was rather destined to be. I may not be able to describe all the admirable qualities that  I have found in you. You stole my heart with all that you do and how you love and take care of me. The way that you love me leaves me wondering what I may have done to be loved right. Your love charmed my heart because you loves me in such a way that no one else have loved me. You are my love, you are my life, you are the reason why I will always love and above all, you are the only one who will have my undying love. I have made up my mind to make loving you a part of me. My love for you is endless because there are so many reasons why I can't stop loving you.

3. We have been united by love, we will continue to be in love

My Love,

What made me to accept you as the love of my life was not just your physical looks, the moment that I set my eyes on you, I immediately realized that you will be the man that will complete my joy. I am happy to let you know that you have never given me a reason to regret falling in love with you. You will always have my trust and my love. When the going is good, I will be by your side, when the going is bad, I will also be by your side. I have no reason to doubt the fact that I have met my soulmate in you and all that you do proves to me that you are really the one. You have won a special place in my heart, that's why I chose to call you the king of my heart. We have been united by love and we will continue to be in love.

4. Promise me that you will never break my heart

My King,

As for me, I have promised myself that I will never do anything intentionally to hurt you because hurting you also means hurting myself. I have observed severally that your mood have a great influence on mine, thus, when you are happy, I will be happy, when you are sad, I will also be sad. Since I have entrusted my whole heart to you, I want you to keep it safe, please, don't toil with my feelings and the love that I have for you because it will be a great blow to my life. I want to be safe in your arms. Please promise me that you will never break my heart.

5. I walk with my heads up high because I have you in my life


You are the man of my dream, you are my treasure and the love that I have been searching for years. I'm glad that I met you, I'm glad that you truly accepted me in your life. I'm also glad that you have always treated me right. Accepting me the way that I am is among the things that makes me to always hold you in high esteem. You are the right definition of a good man. I'm so proud of you and I'm so proud of having you in my life as mine. I walk with my heads up high because I have you in my life.

6. A day without you seems like ages to me

My World,

I have been used to staying with you in such a way that staying without you makes me feel sick. You brought so much joy and happiness to my world that I always anticipate seeing your face each and every passing day. Life without you would have been so boring to me. I want to have you not only close to me but also close to my heart always. I don't want to miss you again, please, make it possible for me to always be where you are at all times. Everything about you is special that is what keeps on attracting you to me. My love and feelings for you will never die but will keep on increasing from ages to ages. I want to have you by my side always because a day without you seems like ages to me.

7. You are handsome both in and out

My Heart,

I chose to call you my "Mr Handsome" because for me, you are the most handsome man in the whole world. Your charming and ever smiling face is highly irresitible to me. Your stature and shiny appearance is one thing that makes find it difficult taking my eyes off you. Your sweet and heartwarming voice always melts my heart. Your sense of humor sweeps me off my feet. You have a heart of gold and I always feel amazed how you forgives easily. In short, everything about you is superb. I have glued you permanently in my heart in such a way that no one else can come in between us. You are my rare gem and I will never let go of you. I'm proud to let you know that you are handsome both in and out.

8. Do not be afraid, nothing can ever tear us apart

My Boo,

I have come to the conclusion that wev were specially created for each other and therefore, nothing can ever come in between us. Though, we do have little misunderstanding, but I am assuring you that we will always resolve it amicably. Wherever I am, I will always be in contact with you, even distance can never affect the love that I have for you. For loving me unconditionally, you deserve my undiluted love and that's what I will always give to you. Do not be afraid of losing me because nothing can ever tear us apart.

9. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face

My Sugar,

I will always appreciate your love, care and continous support for me. You have been with me when no one else was, you have always provided a shoulder for me to lean on. You made all the heavy loads that I was carrying initially lighter for me with your words of advice and encouragement. You may not know what you have done in my life, but I want to let you know that you made me to attain a height that I thought was impossible for me to attain. If I am still to make a choice, I will still chose you as the love of my life. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face.

10. I will do all that it will take to win your heart forever

My Soulmate,

You are the sweetest thing that I have known in my life. You are the best lover that I have ever had in my life. I admire your high level of intelligence and the way that you handle issues marvels me. I don't just see you as a lover, but I see you as someone who is unique. Being with you have thought me a lot, you changed the misconceptions that I have about life and love. You have showed me what it means to be in love and to be loved. You are that boyfriend/husband who have never gotten tired of correcting and making sure that I am fine. I can remember when I was not feeling fine, how you took days off from work just to be around and take care of me made me to shed tears of joy. There is no doubt that you are my happy ending. I will always reciprocate the undying love that you have for me and I will always do all that it will take to win your heart forever. 

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