Have a great day at work text for him or her

Have a great day at work
- There is nothing that gives great motivation at work more than realizing that your lover still cares for you. It gives joy seeing that message pop up on the screen of your phone most especially when you are tired and you read it and it is filled with so much words of love and encouragement from either your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend. Sending have a good day at work text  to your better half will go a long way in solidifying the love that exists between the both of you. Wishing your man or woman a good day at work will inspire him and also will make him to regain his lost strength.

Have a great day at work quotes should not necessarily be too lengthy. Few words can be enough for you to communicate your wishes and love for him or her. A good day at work  quotes should not be something that you should send to him or her occasionally, rather, do it constantly until  you form it as a habit. Here, you will find the suitable words to use when you want to send him or her great day at work messages.

Have a good day at work text for him or her

1. As you embark on your activities for today, you will be strong and healthy from the begining till the end. I can't wait to see you coming back with that your usual beam of smiles. Have a great day at work my love.

2. No matter how heavy the workload of today may be, you shall find it easy and accomplish it without being worn out. Today will be the happiest of all your working days. Have a good day at work.

3. Good luck will shine on you today, you shall be highly favoured in all that you do today. Be happy as you go to work today because you are already a conqueror. Have a great day at work baby.

4. If I am to make a wish, it will just be to have you by my side all day long, but since it is for our own good, my love will be with you wherever you are. Enjoy your day at work my sweetest.

5. All your ways shall be free from any sort of harm and danger, you shall go to work safely and come back home safely. The good Lord will continue to guide and protect you as you go to work today the love of my life.

6. Today shall be the best of all your working days, nothing shall ever come close to you to make you sad. I love you so much that's why I want you to be happy always. Have a great day at work.

7. You are off to work and out of my sight, but I want to let you know that you are fully in my mind and I can't stop thinking about you. Have a nice day at work.

8. The love that I have for you is capable of leading you throughout today. When you are feeling tired, just remember that there is a heart that loves you dearly. Keep being strong for me my love.

9. Just the way that the weather is looking so calm and bright, this is exactly how your heart and day shall be, your heart shall never be dimmed but will keep on radiating with full light. Have a peaceful day at work.

10. I always feel sad when you want to go to work because I know that I am going to miss you, I wish to be around you at all times. Good bye to you but please remember to come back as early as possible to meet your love.

11. Your day at work today will be as great as you are, your strength shall always be renewed so that you will be strong throughout today. You will come back safe and sound to meet the love of your life. Have a fun filled day at work today.

12. May you be blessed, may you be highly favoured. Today shall be a special and blessed day for you. Enjoy your day at work today.

13. You will always be fruitful at your workplace, all your efforts will always yield a positive result. You will never labour in vain. The good Lord will continue to bless whatsoever that you lay your hands on. Have a succesful day at work.

14. I have always known you to be a smart and productive person, no wonder you are highly reckoned at your workplace. Keep the flag flying high. Have a good and lovely day at work.

15. Just have it in mind that you are very special to me. Take good care of yourself because I don't want any bad thing to happen to you today. I love you, please enjoy your day at work.

16. Have a productive day at work today, your light shall always shine wherever you go. Have a fulfilled day at work.

17. I am sending loads of love and light across your way today, you shall continously be joyful and happy in whatever you do today. Have a super day at work.

18. Your heart shall not slumber, you shall always be strong and active throughout your working days. Have the most beautiful day at work today.

19. You are so special and important to my world, I am here patiently waiting for you to come back because it seems as if I have missed you for ages. I can't wait to see you back from work. I have missed you so much.

20. If it can be possible, I wish to be where you are at all times, your sense of humor always keep my heart and soul warm. Always know that I need you more than any other thing in this life. My love will be with you throughout today.

21. I got your back always. When you are tired at work, do not hesistate to call on me because I am always ready to tell you the sweet words that will renew your strength. My heart is where you are always and it is my desire to see you happy at all times. Have a great day at work.

22. Don't get tired, don't be demoralized, you are getting closer to your dream. You are getting closer to that point where you will have to worry less and think less. Enjoy your day at work and also catch the wind of love that I am blowing across your way today.

23. I just rested on my bed and I just saw myself deeply immersed in the thought of you, I decided to send these words of love to you just to let you know how much I love and care about you. Take these words from me "you are the best man/woman in my life." Have a blissful day at work.

24. I don't want to distract you but only to give you a quick reminder about the love that I have for you. Your love have colonized every bit of me that's why I can't stop loving or thinking about you. Have a productive day at work.

25. Your hardworking and focused nature is among the qualities that you posses which got me attracted to you. Keep on being you, keep on working harder, you will always have a cause to smile. I love you without limit. Enjoy your day at work.

26. Every good thing that is good for you, you are going to get it double, you shall never be in want. All that is required to propel you to that height that you want to attain will always be made available to you. I pray for your success and growth my Darling. Have a splendid day at work.

27. Thank you so much for loving and caring for me. I will always reciprocate the love that you have always shown me. May you be favoured anywhere you go.

28. When I saw you you preparing to go to work, I couldn't help but see myself smiling uncontrollably, I greatly admired your smart and elegant look and I am very sure that you neat and smart way of dressing will in addition to your other qualities earn you the maximum respect that you deserve. I don't only love you, but I love your swag. Enjoy your day at work.

29. I can't hold back my feelings for you right now that's why I decided to send this text across to you. I'm madly in love with you and I can't wait to see you. Have a fantastic day at work today.

30. I have checked the time severally to see if it has reached the time that you are supposed to come back from work. I'm anticipating to see you as soon as possible because I have missed your handsome/beautiful face a lot. My love will always be with you wherever you are.

31. Where your heart is, that is where mine will also be. I know that you are working to be great and I am fully convinced that greatness is not far from you. You are a born winner and all things will continue to work out in your favour. Have a fabulous day at work today.

32. You have been a great source of inspiration to me, I can't forget how you encouraged me to take up a task that I thought I will be unable to handle and to my greatest suprise, I emerged victorious at last. I am so happy having you as a part of my life. Enjoy your day at work today.

33. I strongly believe that you are genius that can never be hidden even in the midst of a million people. Your light shall continue to shine, promotion will always be at your doorstep. Enjoy your day at work my sweetest.

34. My heart always leaps for joy each time I see you coming back from work. I am always ready to give you the best comfort that you need after the day's stress. I love you so much my heartbeat. Have a great day at work.

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