Everything will be okay quotes

 Everything will be okay - Use these quotes to remind yourself that no matter what you are passing through, it will not last forever.

Everything will be okay quotes

1. Everything will be okay if you do not give up easily.

2. The way it is today, will not be the way that it will be tomorrow. Things will definitely change for good. Everything will okay at the end.

3. Consider what you are passing through presently as a preparatory stage for greater things. Everything will be alright.

4. Do not ever dream of giving up, what matters is not how you started, but how you finished. Everything will be fine.

5. Challenges only makes the brave wiser and stronger, it is what you learnt from these challenges and how you were able to confront it that will make you to conquer. Everything will be okay if you believe so.

6. Everything will be okay, even the Bible says that "weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning."

7. Hardship is a discipline, study it carefully, rise up stronger and promise yourself not to be a victim of it again by working harder.

8. Try your best, if your best is not enough, put more effort and never quit until you start winning. Everything will be fine.

9. Most of the greatest achievers in the world had their own fair share of failure and dissapointments, but they did not give up. They emerged victorious because they believed that everything will be okay at the end.

10. If you have not made it, don't consider it to be the end, consider it to be the end only when you have gotten to your desired target.

11. The tears of today will be a part of the success story of tomorrow only if you consider the tears as a challenge towards working harder. Everything will be okay.

12. Sorrows and pains are always short-lived in those who did not allow it to weigh them down, when you believe that it will definietly be okay, you will not live on your sorrows and pains but walk pass it.

13. As long as there is life, there is hope, as long as there is hope, there is a target, as long as you work hard towards achieving this target, everything will be okay one day.

14. When you have not tried, don't conclude that you will fail if you try, there is no harm in trying. Everything will be okay if we make an effort.

15. Wishing that it will be okay without making effort may lead to frustration, work harder so that your wish will come to actualization.

16. Life presents many phases, each phase comes with its own lesson. Know how to handle the various phases to make the best out of it.

17. It is one thing thinking to be great, it is another thing working to be great, if you want things to go the way that you want it, then, you must work till you make it. Everything will be alright.

18. Since nothing can make the moon to shine in the day and nothing can also make the sun to shine in the night, also believe that nothing can stop you from achieving your goal. Everything will be okay.

19. Promise yourself that you will not sit down and let your challenges overtake you, but you will rather face your challenges till you conquer, if you do, everything will be okay for you.

20. Your best should not be enough if you are not satisfied with the result that you have achieved so far, it should only be enough when you have gotten what you want.

21. Quitting is for losers, winning is for those who did not quit. Everything will be okay at the end.

22. Your past failures and mistakes should not stop you from trying, analyze the reasons why you failed, rise up and try again, everything will be okay if you do not give up.

23. When you want things to go well with you, focus your mind on those that made it in the career path that you want to follow, study very well and know how they were able to get to the top, everything will be okay if you focus on positive things.

24. Listen carefully to your inner voice, what does it tell you? If it is a negative thought, shun it and replace it with a positive thought. Only if you have cleared all your doubts about failing will you start making outstanding results.

25. In all, hope that it will get better, but you need to also understand that it will get better soonerv or later than youb expected.

26. Realizing that a minute can change the situation of everything is the paramount reason why you should not give up easily.

27. Wake up from your slumber, tell yourself that all is okay, take a bold step towards conquering your challenges and see yourself winning.

28. I have tried several times, I have failed several times, but one thing that I am sure of is that when I get to the top, I will not come down again.

29. The pains of today shall be no more, tomorrow will be a better day and its joy will live forever.

30. Don't think more than you should, don't cry more than you should because it will only harm you. Be steadfast and believe that everything will be okay.

31. Even if you have been overtaken by others whom you started with, there is no need to lose hope, everyone have his or her own time, one day, it will be your own time.

32. No one was born to be a failure, we were all born to succeed, work and believe God for a better result.

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